Elsie Yeh is totally cool playing Hong Ling and Aloysius Pang's mum in '29th February'

This is the Taiwanese actress' first time playing a mother of two grown-up kids

Photos: Elis Ching, Lee Zi Jin
Video: Aaron Ho

Movie star turned TV actress Elsie Yeh is best remembered for her racy roles in the 90s and Taiwan Hokkien soap operas today. So whatever prompted the actress to take on the role of a middle-aged mother in upcoming Channel 8 drama series 29th February?
The answer, according to Elsie, lies in the riveting drama script which will see its lead characters get caught in a time loop and repeatedly live out the same day over and over again. She will play a 50-year-old mother to two children aged 24 (Aloysius Pang) and 21 (Hong Ling), and local actor Thomas Ong’s onscreen wife in the show. 

When we sat down for a chat with the actress at the lensing ceremony of the show yesterday, Elsie admitted that it was hard for her to perceive Aloysius and Hong Ling as her children considering that she does not have any children of her own.

“I haven’t treated them as kids yet,” the actress said, although she shared that she was happy to be acting as their mother on the show, because “they are such good-looking kids.”.

Elsie might very well be describing herself, as she looks barely a day past 35 and can even—in the words of Aloysius—play a May-December couple with him.

“I watched her shows while I was growing up,” the 28-year-old actor shared. “When I saw her in person, I thought she still looked the same (as when she was in 1994 movie Shaolin Popey II: Messy Temple, when she was 25 years old), when in fact those were aired such a long time ago!”

“Instead of playing mother and son, I think we may even be able to pull off a May-December relationship,” Aloysius quipped.

Hong Ling was equally awed by her co-star’s presence. “Now that I’ve met her in person, I think she’s really sophisticated and classy,” she gushed during an interview with Toggle. “When we met over a meal, she made small talk to try to understand me better, and I felt closer to her afterwards. She does not put on any airs.”

The two young actors had a completely different experience with Thomas however, whose workaholic nature also took Elsie by surprise.

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