Elvin Ng: From goody-two-shoes to playboy

The actor is thrilled to finally play a different character onscreen


Photos: Dion Tang, Tammi Tan, Channel 8
Video: Sarah Tay, Kimberly Tay

After more than a decade in the acting industry, Elvin Ng is thrilled to have finally shaken off the goody-two-shoes characters he is usually entrusted with. The actor will be taking on the role of playboy Huang De Gang in upcoming drama, If Only I Could, which also stars Andie Chen, Rui En and Paige Chua.

In the drama, De Gang is the husband of the wealthy Huo Xi Wen (played by Paige Chua) however, is an incorrigible playboy with a string of extra-marital affairs. As a result, Elvin had quite a number of steamy scenes with not only Paige, but also actress Tracy Lee and a couple of other guests stars as well.

“It was comfortable shooting the bed scenes with Paige and Tracy,” the actor said in an interview with Toggle at the drama’s press conference on May 17. “For Paige, we had an emotional connection. As for Tracy, I was even more comfortable, as I see her as my friend or sister.”


Elvin also revealed that he’s curious, but not worried, about the public’s reaction to his new character, saying, “I’ve always played the goody-two-shoes character, so it’s good to be able to try something [like my character in If Only I Could]. I’m not very worried [about the public’s reaction]. In these ten years, I have accumulated a significant number of brownie points [from the public], now I can afford to take some away,” he laughed.

“Sometimes, when your points are deducted, it’s a sort of result as well. [I can only] have the chance to climb up the ranks when I fall, if not, everyone will think that I’m caught in a ‘bottleneck’, where I am stuck in the same place. This is life afterall, there has to be ups and downs”, the actor mused.

Long rumoured to have been in discussions to enter the Vietnamese and Chinese markets, the actor would not divulge any details when asked about it, and would only say that everything is still in the works.

Right now, Elvin’s schedule looks to be packed to the brim as well, with C.L.I.F 4, You Can Be An Angel 2, and 118 on his plate.

But, the actor also expressed that he is willing to explore outside the local market to try new things and explore new opportunities, saying, “In these 10 years, I’ve been in the same environment, and worked with the same people. I wish to try a variety of things as well.  Previously, I’ve been to Cambodia to film, and experienced a lot of different things there, which I felt was pretty good.”

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