Fann Wong: From queen to servant

The first-time mom gushed about the newest addition to the family

Fann Wong: From queen to servant

Photos: Lee Wei Lin

Local actress Fann Wong made her first public appearance this morning (Nov 14) after the birth of her son, Zed, on National Day, for an upcoming StarHub drama My Secret App. She will star as a high-flying ex-national gymnast turned mundane gymnastics coach.

Speaking to xinmsn in an interview held after the worship ceremony, 43-year-old said of her role, “I think my character is really cute – she lives a really mundane life but chooses Korean dramas to fantasize about an alternate reality. She’s someone who’s prideful yet is obsessed with the Korean culture.”

Joining her on-set will be Damien Teo, Darren Lim, Hayley Woo, Eelyn Kok and Lina Ng. Hayley and Damien will play her on-screen children where the latter picks up a futuristic device and uses its internal alien-ware, App App, to solve problems but also gives rise to hilarious hijinks.

Fann quipped, “When I saw (Hayley) I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I had a daughter her age? I could bring her to the set and on holiday. I started salivating once I thought about what I would do if she was really my daughter.”

Fann Wong: From queen to servant

While her reel-life children may be all grown up, baby Zed just turned three months old and the first-time mother is still very much attached to the newest addition to the family. When asked on how she is coping with being back at work, she laughed, “I suffer from Zed withdrawals all the time – how about we skip the interview so that I can go home to him?”

She continued, “It’s not that bad now. For the first two months, I’d tell (Christopher) that I wanted to go home after being out for about an hour. We didn’t really go out much at the time. The most I can go without him is a couple of hours.”

Evidence of her adoration for her bundle of joy is clear from her social media accounts: apart from pictures of her daily life, her posts are filled with snapshot after snapshot of Zed and the multitude of gifts being showered upon her little one.

“I just came back from China after a week and I almost died because it was so painful. That’s the longest I can go without him and I really can’t go any longer than that. Each day was like a year and I’d look at his photos whenever I had time and say out loud ‘Mama’s coming back really soon’,” Fann mused.

“I used to be a queen but now I’ve been reduced to a servant or even a vending machine (for milk). I’m kidding – but in both our eyes there’s only Zed,” she went on. Turning to the cameras, she gave a shout-out to husband Christopher Lee, “Don’t worry hubby, you and Zed are my whole world.”

Fann Wong: From queen to servant

The love between her and her husband is still evidently going strong with anecdotes of the celebrity couple’s playfulness peppering the interview.

“I haven’t watched the latest episode of (Taiwanese variety show) Here Comes Kangxi (which Christopher was on) but we have good rapport where we know which topics we can and cannot broach since we’ve been together for so long,” she explained.

Grinning, she continued, “Although, I think I ought to catch that one after you said that, just in case. Sometimes, I still like to give him small surprises where he’ll turn to me and ask ‘Lao Po (Wifey), what did you say?’ after seeing it.”

“(Christopher) used to call me via Facetime to look at his wife but now he’ll ask ‘Where’s my son? Let me have a look at him.’ (In return,) I’ll first ask where he is when I call him and if he’s not at home I’ll immediately hang up and call my mom instead,” Fann shared.

With so much love showered on their little one, will there be a baby brother or sister for Zed to play with in the near future? A look of mock despair on her face, she expressed, “(Christopher) went around telling everyone that we’re going to have another one so now everyone’s asking me – well I’d definitely love to have another baby but for now, I’m going to give my all to my Zed.”

My Secret App is slated to air in the second quarter of 2015 on E City (StarHub Channel 111/825).

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