Fann Wong hopes to give Zed a younger sibling

It'd be icing on the cake if she had a daughter for a second child


Photos: Teo Sijia, artiste's social media
Video: Vina Chia

Fans hoping to catch Fann Wong on local TV again, keep your fingers crossed. Although it has been five years since her last Channel 8 series, Be Happy, the mother of one says she is open to doing local projects as long as “the script and timing are suitable.”

Zed still comes first for now, said Fann, during an interview with the media after her guest appearance on LOVE 97.2FM’s morning radio show which is hosted by Chen Biyu, Dennis Chew, Marcus Chin and Mark Lee.

With Zed (he will be turning 2 in August) as her top priority now, Fann let in on a recent heart wrenching episode when Zed was hospitalised for stomach flu after the family’s trip back to Christopher Lee’s hometown in Malacca, Malaysia during Chinese New Year.

While he has since recovered from it, he was hit by a high fever a few days ago with his temperature spiking to 40 degrees. “I was quite worried because I had a high fever of 40 degrees as well many years ago and it was an agonising experience,” she said.


“We had to keep him under observation at home and it was very tiring during that period of time. We had to check on him hourly and constantly wipe him down. He cries when he wakes up every hour and we didn’t get much sleep then.”

It was painful for her to see Zed suffer and Fann admitted that even though it’s tough being a mother, there’s joy in the suffering too. “It’s very different from the hardships I experienced as an actress.”

The 45-year-old assured that Zed has completely recovered and is in the pink of health again and said, “I know why the most important thing to parents is for their child to be healthy now.”

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