Furbulous Celebrity Meow series: Felicia Chin and the other guy in her life

“I’m lucky he’s very easy going and very sweet; he brought love into my life”

Photos: Felicia Chin

In the midst of shopping for gifts, soaking up the festive spirit and preparing for Christmas parties at the office or home, we remember a classic story about an old miserly man called Scrooge, who was taught how to live life all over again through visions from the past, present and future. In a nutshell, he learns about kindness and giving, which in turn brought him happiness and love.

This story brings to mind the intangible benefits many pet owners gain through their fur kids – be it big or small, and this Christmas season we’d like to spread some love and attention to a particular group of furry dwellers in the community -- the cats.

For this special series, we speak to four celebrity cat owners, Lin Peifen, Nat Ho, Felicia Chin and Priscelia Chan as they share stories about their furry felines who have each brought love into their lives.

Did you know Felicia once worked at the Singapore Zoological Gardens for three months, before she joined Star Search in 2003, after graduating from junior college?

The animal lover said it was her childhood dream to work with the zoo and during her time at both the Zoo and the Night Safari, she hosted their animal shows and learned how to clean and maintain their living quarters. “It’s amazing to be close to the predators and cute little animals. And there’s no way they can pay you back except for the intimate connection they have with you,” she shared.

You could say her love for animals is vicariously magnified through her devotion to Mian Bao, whom she adopted two years ago.

In an interview with Toggle, Felicia shared that memories of her first encounter with cats, which took place many years ago, when she was still a young girl, are still fresh in her mind: she saw an old man feeding the cats at the void deck every night without fail and he’d even teach the others the right method to feed the strays without causing a mess or attracting the ants.

“He took care of all the cats in the neighbourhood and I’d always remember him for the basic love he had for the cats,” she quipped.

Mian Bao at some of his favourite hiding spots at home

So when she finally felt ready to play her part and “adopt a new love” into her life, Felicia jumped at the chance of bringing Mian Bao home when a friend had recused an abused pregnant cat who gave birth to a litter of five to six kittens.

“She asked if anyone wanted to adopt the kittens and I felt an urge to do so. The kittens looked really adorable but most importantly I felt I could take care of the cat, plus, I had a better management of my time then.”

Previously fearful about handling babies, cats or dogs, the actress smiled wryly too as she spoke about how far she has “surprisingly” progressed with handling another tiny being’s life.

“More confident” now, the relatively new pet owner laughingly quipped, “He’s like my boyfriend and I am still trying to get to know him in our relationship.”

Another thing Felicia has learned from Mian Bao that has helped her as an actress? Living in the moment.

“That’s something I observed when I see Mian Bao or other animals in general. When they play they play, when they eat they eat, when they sleep they sleep; I think that’s how we should live our lives,” she quipped, “Sometimes we worry too much about the future when the moment is the only thing that is certain. This applies to me not just as an actress but as a person too.”

“I think he has taught me more than I have helped him in his life,” she added with a grin.

Why does Felicia think Mian Bao takes after her character in The Golden Path, and what did Mian Bao do that caused Felicia to change her sofa twice? Read on for more!

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