Fiona Xie: Cautiously optimistic about her future

The actress remained ‘hopeful’ about staying on in Singapore


Photos: Teo Sijia
Video: Kimberly Tay

After local actress Fiona Xie’s prodigious return to our local screens was announced earlier this year, nothing short of a media frenzy emerged. The 34-year-old was bombarded with a plethora of questions from everyone. After all, she had left a trail of unanswered questions behind her when she left seven years ago.

Three months and two interviews later, the most important question still remains – Is she back for good? 

Toggle sat down with Fiona during the press conference of her upcoming Channel 5 drama, Left Behind, to find out more.

After her stint overseas, it seems that Fiona has come back better and stronger than before. While there is no doubt that all eyes will be on her as she stages her acting comeback, she professes to be more at ease with the pressure of the public’s expectations.

“The pressure will always be there, but at the same time, I’ve come to be at a better place. [I’m better at] dealing with it as compared to before, when I think I took it quite hard. Now, I can let it go,” she chortles, as she breaks into a rendition of the classic song from Frozen.

Similarly, she is no longer as susceptible to all the harsh comments that she has received. Instead, she shared that she has since “moved on” from these comments.

“I hope that [these] people can spread love instead, because it’s not worth it.”

After wrapping up filming for her comeback project, has Fiona been bitten by the acting bug once more, or will she spread her wings to fly off yet again?

While she shied away from giving any definite answers, supplanting every sentence with the words ‘hopefully’ and ‘maybe’, her answers were mostly positive.

“I think I will [continue on to act]. But, it’s not just my own decision. With the right timing, script and project, hopefully you’ll see more of me,” she mused.

However, she remained coy when asked if she had signed with any management company yet, or if she is looking to star in any specific production.

The actress has also been “doing a lot of house-hunting”, and revealed that she “hopes to stay here for good”, although the world “is so small, we can just travel every now and then.”

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