À GO-GO: Rui En unleashes hidden dance skills on set

Rui En’s 'The Journey: Our Homeland' co-star Shaun Chen was shocked to witness her fun-loving side

À GO-GO: Rui En unleashes hidden dance skills on set
Rui En may be known for her “Ice Princess” image, but her The Journey: Our Homeland co-star Shaun Chen begged to differ after seeing her fun-loving side on set. “She is not as cold as what people imagine [her to be]. We play around a lot!” he asserted.

The main cast of Our Homeland (third and final instalment of the Ch8 blockbuster series), including Romeo Tan, Rebecca Lim, Felicia Chin, Andie Chen, Zhang Zhen Huan, Jeffrey Xu, Ian Fang and James Seah, attended a press conference on Wednesday.

Rui En’s role Yang Mei Xue, who is caught in a love triangle with Zhang Jia (Shaun) and Yan Yi Sheng (Zhen Huan), goes through many trials and tribulations in the drama. Although her love history is far less complicated in reality, the actress somehow managed to connect with Mei Xue’s character.

“Perhaps because I tried to interpret things from the point of view of women who lived in that era. Like why this girl chose to give up her happiness due to other priorities and responsibilities,” explained Rui En. 

Rui En and Shaun Chen
Last year, the actors packed their bags for filming in Penang and formed good chemistry from their daily banter. Reuniting with Rui En following The Dream Makers, Shaun was full of praise for the acclaimed thespian. “There are many emotional scenes in Our Homeland which are very challenging. It’s good to meet a co-star who can help you get into character very quickly,” he said.

In addition, Shaun revealed an incident during a filming break that left a deep impression on him. That day, some music started playing on set and Rui En unexpectedly broke into an À Go-go dance on the streets, without paying heed to her surroundings or image.

“She knows that I am a horrible dancer and yet she kept asking me to show her my dance moves. But I really like dancing because it’s a form of exercise and a way to interact with everyone. So we would all dance for a bit before resuming filming,” the actor let on.

When asked to rate Rui En’s dance skills, Shaun cheekily took a dig at the popular actress: “About the same as mine! (laughs)”

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