Gurmit Singh, Kumar, Joanne Kam’s comedic reunion

The trio reunite on stage after over 10 years and are set to wow local audiences


Photos: Toh Zi Yi
Video: Tan Shi Qi

Come on down to Laugh Die You 3 – The Karaoke and you might just walk away with a new television... or so says Gurmit Singh, or should we say Hero Singh, the new alter-ego of Gurmit.

Laugh Die You is Malaysia’s best-selling comedy hit, and yes, it’s coming to Singapore. Apart from Gurmit, the show also features Malaysia’s only female stand-up comedian, Joanne Kam, Singapore’s very own Kumar and Malaysian band Hydra.

The show, which is not kid-friendly by the way, will feature jabs about Singapore’s “current affairs, weather and the recent MRT breakdowns,” says Kumar, who is known for his jabs and biting observations about politics and life in Singapore.

At the press conference, Gurmit gave the media a peek into what will happen at the show – lots and lots of audience interaction. The 51-year-old burst out on stage dressed as his new character, Hero Singh, in a red turban and a monochrome security guard uniform, and proceeded to pick three ‘victims’ to go up onstage.


The funnyman had promised television sets to be given away at the show itself, but for now, there were only hotel toiletries to be won, or as Hero said, extremely valuable toiletries worth $200 each, as “you can’t get them without a night’s stay in the hotel.”

Next up on stage was Joanne, who proceeded to jokingly chide Hero for swiping the toiletries he had given out earlier from her own hotel room.

“Who got the shampoo?” she asked, before ragging on Hero for causing her to forgo washing her hair last night.

Joanne’s stories of her attempts to lose weight and her self-deprecating remarks about her own size brought much joy to the audience, as she unabashedly poked fun at herself.

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