Heartbreaker to TV Sweetheart: Carrie Wong

In this week’s Toggle Talk, MediaCorp starlet Carrie Wong shares about life before her meteoric rise to stardom, which includes ranking last in class, being an underage party animal and a romance silencer.

Heartbreaker to TV Sweetheart: Carrie Wong

Photos: Angie Ng

In the past year, the new TV darling that anyone on the local showbiz radar would have talked about is none other than Carrie Wong.

After coming in as runner-up on ChU’s Hey Gorgeous 2013, Carrie joined MediaCorp on a five-year contract in November that year.

As luck would have it, the aspiring actress scored her first role in Ch8 drama Against The Tide where she played alongside her long-time idols Christopher Lee and Rui En.

Opportunities continued knocking on Carrie’s door.

She first tasted fame with her role as “Tang Shui Mei” in The Journey: Tumultuous Times which earned her double nominations (Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress) at Star Awards 2015. Just one year after entering the industry, the up-and-coming starlet bagged her first Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste trophy, an impressive feat that her peers could only dream of.

With increased exposure and popularity inevitably comes gossip and speculation, especially for the budding thespian who prefers to “be herself”. Admitting that she has been pampered by her parents all her life, Carrie let on that her straightforward personality has drawn both praise and criticism.

“It really is about personal judgement. People who accept your frankness will think you are being real, but those who don’t will label you as arrogant,” she said. “I don’t like to beat about the bush. When something is right or wrong, I will voice it out. That’s the kind of image I want to present.”

While some may say that the young lass is threading a fine line between confidence and cockiness, Carrie emphasised that she has never considered herself better than most people, but she is someone who would accomplish her goals when she sets them.

At the age of 21, Carrie seems to have it all: height (175 cm), looks, a loving family and a fast-rising showbiz career. But before her meteoric rise to stardom, the actress was once the last in class, the underage party animal and a romance silencer…

Read on for more never-been-told stories of Carrie’s life before and after she found fame.

She always gets her way but she has learned that there are rules in the game

A self-professed spoilt kid, Carrie, the only child in her family, has always gotten things done her way. The culture shock that she experienced after joining showbiz, however, has taught the 21-year-old that there are unspoken rules to play by in this industry.

Shortly after becoming an artiste, Carrie was reminded by her manager to watch her attitude and speech, particularly towards her seniors. On her own, the young star has started to realise the importance of human relations in the industry and how her candidness can be offensive to some.

“An artiste’s success is not only accredited to his own hard work, but also the help and support from the team around him. I cannot be so self-centred,” she shared.

She broke down in tears over criticism

Speaking on her smooth-sailing career, Carrie pointed out that all the roles she had landed so far did not “simply drop from the sky” – she had to earn them via auditions.

“I am very lucky indeed. But I believe everyone is given the same chance. When an opportunity is given to you, you have to grab it. If you really want something, you need to think of ways to get it,” the actress declared.

For her first major project Against The Tide, Carrie spent days reading the script and interpreting the complex character. But it seemed that her efforts were not good enough.

“I heard from a friend that the director was not satisfied with my performance. In the first place, I didn’t have much confidence as I was just a newbie. I did all my homework and gave my very best, but the first feedback I received was so negative,” she cried.

The actress dealt with the blow by breaking down in MediaCorp's wardrobe department alone. When she finally picked herself up, she had to act like her eyes were swollen from a running nose before heading for an outdoor shoot. “I didn’t know what to do or who to talk to,” Carrie said, adding that the incident strengthened her determination to prove her critics wrong.

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