Huat’s on my plate: Cooking up good vibes with Rozz

Cooking for one can be fun, cathartic and environmentally-friendly too. Watch and learn from this Lush 99.5FM DJ

In 2016, Rozz will make a foray into the world of YouTube with full recipe videos.

Photos: Rosalyn Lee

Rozz eats, Rozz cooks and #rozzrecipes are delightfully easy for anyone looking to whip up a home-cooked meal.

If her short 15-second cooking videos on Instagram (@heyrozz) are anything to go by, it is that you don’t need to be a cooking whiz to be able to cook a good and hearty meal for yourself. For food inspiration, take a quick scroll through the Lush 99.5FM deejay’s Instagram feed which is a glorious visual feast for the eyes, by that we mean the smorgasbord of food pictures, chopping board flat lays and cooking videos – not selfies or #OOTD shots. There’s something for everyone -- whether you like cooking or not.

A friendly word of advice though, don’t check it out at 12 midnight like we did, on an empty stomach, because god knows the next thing you’ll be looking for is the frying pan.

Like any regular person who can make a soup and do a fry-up, these posts are not intended to show off her cooking abilities and are instead her means of spreading “good vibes” to the people around her, said Rozz (Rosalyn Lee), whose healing journey through cooking began after her breakup with ex-boyfriend Justin Vanderstraaten last year.

Cooking badass: We’re a fan of her artfully arranged flat lays on the Breaking Bad chopping board. Clockwise from top left: Ingredients for Indian spiced scrambled eggs, chicken soup, tuna pasta and homemade wantons, recipes can be found at her Instagram hashtag #rozzrecipes.

“The one thing that centered me [during the breakup] was when I told myself: ‘I’m going to cook something for myself today. I know something good’s gonna come into my body’. And when I edit it and put it on Instagram and I get a response – it makes me feel good too”, she quipped, “The whole process makes me feel good and I just want to share it.”

Food, cooking and the kitchen plays an integral part of Rozz’s life, and funnily enough, she got into cooking because of the guys she met too.

“They’d whip up a dish by mixing sauces together, I tried to experiment at home, my mum liked it and I was very encouraged by it and started cooking and experimenting at home,” she chuckled.

The 36-year-old began cooking more independently for the family after she turned 18 or 19 years old, when her mother fell sick (Rozz’s mum passed away in 2004 after her battle with breast cancer) “because we needed to take care of ourselves”. Before that, she was assigned kitchen duties like peeling gingko nuts as a form of punishment whenever she misbehaved which, according to Rozz, meant “talking too loudly or being too opinionated.”

While she’d never attempt to peel another gingko nut now, the food experiments continue and the most complicated fusion recipe recently attempted by Rozz was baking ondeh ondeh cupcakes for a series of local food recipe videos for Lush 99.5FM. To top it off, she even made her own condiments, such as pandan essence and gula melaka, from scratch with the use of pandan leaves and freshly grated coconut.

The chicken carcass which she brought home from dinner was made into a pot of chicken soup the next day.

Rozz may come across as a person who spares no expense – or effort – when it comes to food and satiating her cravings (just like that one time she and her younger brother flew to Japan for sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro, weeks after watching the documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi) but you’d be surprised to learn about her economical ways in the kitchen.

She once brought home a chicken carcass (leftovers from a beer can chicken meal with friends) thinking she can make soup with it -- which she did. Sharing about her attempts to repurpose ‘leftovers’, Rozz said, “It’s a known thing that chicken rice stall owners usually keep the bones to make soup so I thought I’d just do that to make soup too.

“I don’t usually do it unless it’s substantial – if we’re eating chicken wings I’m not gonna collect everyone’s bones,” she laughed, “But if it’s a whole chicken, I would.”

Rozz shares with us what other food items can be repurposed and what she usually does with soon-to-expire food in her kitchen. Find out more on the next page.

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