Ian Fang admires Christopher Lee’s fatherhood

Ian Fang wants to work hard towards financial stability so that he can take care of his mother and future wife

Ian Fang admires Christopher Lee’s fatherhood

Photos: Camelia Ting and Goh Li Xin
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While speaking about his one-episode cameo appearance in the upcoming Channel 8 drama Life’s Blessings, young local actor Ian Fang said that it’s not a pity at all: “Even if I only appear on camera for one second, I will gladly accept the role.”

Reprising his role as the aspiring chef Bai Zhixiang in 2012’s Don’t Stop Believin’ isn’t difficult for Ian as he said excitedly, “That year, this role helped me to win Best Newcomer at the Star Awards. It has left a deep impression on me and I’m very happy to get the chance to play this character again.”

The 26-year-old’s parents divorced when he was a child and grew up without a complete family. He made a firm stand and said that he will not let his child experience such unhappiness the same way he did. However, he emphasised that his parents’ unsuccessful marriage has not affected his concept of love.

“My mother is more open-minded and happier than me. She told me that even if I don’t get married or have children, she wouldn’t mind. But I’m a more traditional kind of guy, so I definitely want kids.”

Ian, who is currently living the single life, insisted that he wants to get married between the age of 33 and 34.

“I see my friends around me in relationships and some of them are even married with children… I need someone that loves me too … I would like to dote on a girl as well,” he lamented.

The actor continued to say that he thinks “Ah Ge” Christopher Lee has become happier and more cheerful since the birth of baby Zed.

“I really admire him (Christopher). Every time I bump into him, he would happily start telling me about his son and how his son is.”

Ian Fang admires Christopher Lee’s fatherhood

Ian has been in and out of three relationships and the most unforgettable one was his May-December romance with an older girl.

He said with a sigh, “At that time, I was still a student and I didn’t have the capacity to take care of her financially. Even though she had reached the age for getting married, we both felt that there was no possibility that we could continue what we had.”

The girl’s father even told him, “You’re just a student with no financial stability.”

However, this relationship helped Ian mature and grow. He explained, “Experiencing that setback just spurred me on and made me want to work harder to earn more money. With that economic security, I will be able to take care of my mother as well as my other half.”

Although he is intent on getting married, his current priority is his career. Being in the industry for four years, many veterans have told him to keep trying to expand his career overseas.

However, he denied that it would be any time soon: “I think I have to be a bit more practical for now. I think I’m still in the process of learning, and even if I want to go overseas, I want to wait until I’ve improved my skills before I can be brave enough to try.”

Life’s Blessings premieres October 19, every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm on Channel 8.

This article is translated by Melanie Ho.

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