Is Fann Wong pregnant with a second baby?

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee uploaded a photo on Instagram, hinting at a second bun in the oven


Photo: Fann Wong & Christopher Lee via Instagram

It looks like Zed will be a big brother soon, with his parents, Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, hinting at a second pregnancy.

On Monday afternoon, the married couple uploaded a suggestive photo, on their respective accounts, of Chris embracing Fann in a back hug, with their hands placed on Fann’s tummy.

Both artistes had similar captions for the photos too, and wrote: “Hey! Guess what? We will be shouldering a new responsibility!” hinting at a bun in the oven.

In a brief phone interview with Christopher, the actor denied that they are expecting a second child. “Everyone has been asking me the same thing. It’s not what you think it is,” he said.

The actor also laughed and said “no” repeatedly asked if Zed is going to be a big brother soon.

So can we expect to hear good news from the couple in three months’ time (according to Chinese customs, it is taboo to announce one’s pregnancy in the first trimester)?

“No, no,” Chris laughed in reply.

It is understood that both Fann and Chris are currently in Singapore, with the latter having recently wrapped filming for upcoming Channel 8 drama, Crescendo. Together with his co-stars from the drama, Chris and his tiny family unit of three (or should we say, four?) hung out at Darren Lim’s yacht for a mini-party at sea.

If baby number two is for real, it will be a double celebration for Fann and Chris, who will be celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary at the end of September.

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