Jaime Wong: Singapore’s Taylor Swift? That’s not me

The local singer-songwriter ‘fessed up about her thoughts on popularity, success and how she pens her songs

Jaime Wong: Singapore’s Taylor Swift? That’s not me

Video: Tan Shi Qi
Additional Photos: Jaime Wong, Kairos Photography, Tan Yan Long

At the grand old age of 25, local singer-songwriter Jaime Wong is a self-professed “typical emo singer-songwriter” – but is she, really? Her self-titled debut EP, which consisted of four self-penned tracks, centers on lost love and, in short, makes you want to indulge in a tub of ice cream after.

Far from taking it the wrong way, Jaime grinned, “It’s actually a compliment – you want people to feel things when they listen to your songs so I guess I’ve achieved that. In a very weird way, it makes me happy to hear that people feel depressed after listening to them.”

Her guitar is, understandably, her security blanket; Jaime confessed to pleading for it to be allowed into the recording studio with her when she was recording her vocal lines and feeling awkward without it. These days, however, she’s exploring different genres of music and even giving the electric guitar a go – something she hopes to incorporate into her upcoming tracks.

Perhaps we here at Toggle have been exposed to one too many mainstream gigs, as we immediately thought of one of the biggest female singer-songwriters in existence after speaking to Jaime – Taylor Swift.

Breaking out in a disbelieving smile after we mentioned the name, she was stunned into silence for a moment before letting out a, ”Wow. No, no one’s ever mentioned that”. While Jaime expressed her admiration for the superstar, she mused, “I don’t think I’ll ever be like that; especially because Taylor is so upfront about the people she writes about in her songs but I like to keep them guessing.”

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