Jayley Woo: I dance better than my sister

The actress takes on the challenge of dancing to K-pop music videos for charity

Jayley Woo: I dance better than my sister 1

Photos: Jovina Ng
Videos: Vina Chia & Lye Yuk Sing

For MediaCorp actress Jayley Woo, having to dance on national television is already a challenge, let alone pulling off sleek moves from Korean music videos.

Speaking to xinmsn at the President’s Star Charity 2014 (PSC 2014) press conference yesterday held at ME@OUE Bayfront, Jayley revealed how she feels about dancing to Korean girl group Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got A Boy’ and ‘The Boys’ for the charity show.

“It is of course a challenge to me! Although I like watching Korean music videos and will memorise some dance steps, how I imagine myself to look like when I dance and how I really look like are worlds apart.”

But she will not be alone as celebrities Seraph Sun, Julie Tan, Bonnie Loo and Oli 96.8FM radio personality Bharathi will join her in battling the guys team which consists of Gurmit Singh, Joakim Gomez, Ian Fang, James Seah and Jeremy Chan.

Although Jayley rates her dance skills a mere two out of 10 because she “lack psychomotor skills,” she proudly proclaimed that she is the better dancer compared to her twin sister Hayley Woo.

“I scored higher than her when we were playing Dance Central on Xbox Kinect at home. I was quite shocked too,” smirked Jayley as she flipped her hair and shrugged it off.

Other artistes who attended the press conference included Rosalyn Lee, Vanessa Fernandez, Pierre Png, Tabitha Nauser, Sonia Chew, Julie, Seraph, James, Joakim as well as newly-wedded Joanne Peh, who will be hosting the show with Gurmit.

However, the actress recently casted for local movie 1965 chose to not to speak about her married life at the event and “will talk about it another time”.

Jayley Woo: I dance better than my sister 2

From left: Rosalyn Lee, Vanessa Fernandez, Pierre Png, Tabitha Nauser, Sonia Chew, Julie Tan, Seraph Sun, Jayley Woo, Joanne Peh, James Seah and Joakim Gomez.

Most meaningful act of giving back to society

In line with this year’s PSC 2014 theme of “Reach out, Touch Lives”, Jayley shared that her family of four had decided to buy Mandarin oranges on a Chinese New Year few years back to visit an old folks’ home and celebrated the festive season with the elderly.

“Although I used to do community work like picking up rubbish and volunteering at pet shelters, this is the most meaningful one I’ve done. Once you reach a certain stage and have the ability to give back to the society, it is definitely something worth doing,” the 23-year-old said.

Having just wrapped filming for Channel 8 drama You Can Be An Angel Too, Jayley travelled to Taiwan recently to recharge herself.  She will begin preparations for her new drama Tiger Mum next month and called it a challenging role because of its new plot and cast whom she has never worked with.

Jayley Woo: I dance better than my sister 3

Pierre Png eliminated from dance-off auditions

Although PSC 2014 performer Pierre Png auditioned for both the dance-off and lip-syncing performances, he was sadly eliminated from the former, and will be lip-syncing together with comedians Chua En Lai and Suhaimi Yusof against the female team of Rosalyn, Sonia and Nadiah M Din.

Joking that he has been “lip-syncing” for more than 10 years in Ch8 dramas, the jiak kentang (a colloquial term describing someone who is westernised) revealed in a separate interview that he will be singing his best during the show, just that the microphones will not be switched on.

Like Jayley, self-professed kaypoh (busybody in Singlish) Pierre has also touched the life of others “a few times subconsciously”, one of them was an intern whom he noticed was having a monosyllabic, solemn phone conversation.

“I offered him words of encouragement and lo and behold, he thanked me on Facebook and I did not know I had so much an effect on him,” the actor shared.

Slated to film the second season of Channel 5 drama Zero Calling next year, Pierre hopes to spend more time with his family and catch up with friends, especially those whom he have forgotten about.

As for next year’s Star Awards nominations, the Best Actor award recipient this year is already contented to have “had the time of my life being best actor once in my life”, though he certainly does not mind being nominated again.

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Jayley Woo: I dance better than my sister 4

We had a glimpse of the performances by one of the winners of MediaCorp Symphony 92.4FM’s Young Talents Project 2014 Kaelyn Soh (left) and a beneficiary of PSC 2014 Ain Society (right). This will be the first time beneficiaries join MediaCorp and guest performers in almost half the segments of the show. 

Guest performers include Malaysian singer Yuna who will be the opening act, guitarist Yan Neil Chan from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in NUS, local indie band The Sam Willows and Japanese dancer Miyoko Shida Rigolo.

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