Jean Danker and Glenn Ong to wed before Christmas this year

The radio DJs’ five-year engagement will finally culminate in an “intimate and cosy” shindig on December 16


Photos: Jean Danker/Instagram

Update (July 20): Jean confirmed with Toggle today that she will be tying the knot with Glenn on December 16. When asked about the venue, the bride-to-be stated that they hope to secure it tomorrow (July 21).

Over five years after Class 95FM DJ Jean Danker’s beau, fellow radio presenter Glenn Ong, first popped the question at her parents’ house in 2011, the couple is finally set to tie the knot at the end of the year. Glenn broke the news on his radio show this morning (Jul 19) by referring to Jean as his “wife-to-be”.

When we spoke to Jean in December 2014, she shared that she and her long-time fiance “maybe plan to get married” in 2015. However, the year came and went (she said work got in the way and they “forgot about it”), and now they’re looking at a mid-December date that’s “definitely before Christmas”.

In a phone interview with Jean, the 37-year-old told Toggle that “it felt like the right time” to say “I do” to Glenn, 45. “I think it would be sad if we never got married,” she said. “I had my reservations prior to this because I didn’t feel like I was ready to get married, but now the question is, why not? A lot of it is a feeling.”

The couple, who have been together for seven years, originally planned to tie the knot in 2012, but put things on hold due to the overwhelming pressure and attention, as well as the fact that Jean’s mother passed away not long after Glenn’s proposal.

“I wasn’t in the right frame of mind - how do you plan for what’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, when you’re at your saddest? It was just too soon and I couldn’t,” she said. “The grief will always be there, but I’ve had time (to get better), and I know that my mum would want me to be happy, and to do things that would make me happy.”

So now that the big day is finally happening, how does the bride-to-be feel about it? “Very calm,” she said. “It feels very natural and without any pressure whatsoever, unlike a few years ago, and I’m glad I waited for me to come into this space where I’m ready and more prepared.”

Read on to find out more details about Jean and Glenn’s upcoming nuptials:

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