Jeanette Aw on her “baby” that took two years in the making

The MediaCorp actress shares about her love for art and why she took two years to publish her first illustration book

Jeanette Aw on her “baby” that took two years in the making

Photos: Dang Hui Ling
Videos: Tan Shi Qi

MediaCorp actress Jeanette Aw is breaking new grounds in her career with her first ever self-illustrated book titled ‘Sol’s World: Somebody to LOVE’ this month.

While Jeanette is no stranger to the literary scene as she has published her first book Jeanette Aw: Definitions in 2012, she wishes to divert the public’s attention from her to her creative work by featuring her doodle ‘Sol’ as the main character of her new book.

On Wednesday (May 6), Jeanette shared with Toggle her thoughts on taking her interest in art a step further with her upcoming book, as well as how she is moved by her fans’ support for her interests over the years.

Having developed an affection towards art during her school days, she revealed that when she rekindled her passion in drawing and became inspired to create the main character (a doe-eyed girl with long and wavy yellow locks named ‘Sol’) of her upcoming book, after being invited to be a news columnist in 2011.

As Sol means ‘the sun’ in Latin, Jeanette had given her doodle “a makeover” for her book by changing her hair colour from yellow to red. “She (Sol) is a hopeful girl. Even when she loses her direction in life and has to go through several lessons to find the answers (in life), she remains positive while facing them,” she said.

The book would consist of over 30 illustrations and short texts solely crafted by Jeanette, of which some are reflections of her personal life.

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