Jeanette Aw on her Best Actress award chances with The Dream Makers 2

The local thespian, who would star as Zhao Fei Er again in The Dream Makers 2, is not stressed about winning the Best Actress Award at next year’s Star Awards

Jeanette Aw on her Best Actress award chances with The Dream Makers 2

Brace yourself for more strife and struggles of high-level executives in the entertainment industry and mind-boggling relationships as Channel 8’s blockbuster The Dream Makers is set for a sequel this December.

Not only would our favourite roles exhibit their strong chemistry on screen again, The Dream Makers 2 would also see the addition of several veteran actors from both the local and foreign scene, like Huang Biren, Li Nanxing, Hong Kong actor Damian Lau and Taiwanese actress Chen Mei Feng.

Jeanette Aw would also grace our screens as Zhao Fei Er for the second time, a role in which she was praised for a breakthrough in her acting skills. She was nominated for the Best Actress Award at last year’s Star Awards with the role and eventually lost the title to Chen Liping.

Despite Jeanette emphasising that she did not mind her defeat, it became a hot topic of the show as it was also the sixth time the award has slipped out of her hands.

When asked if she feels the pressure to win the title this time, Jeanette shared at the imaging session for The Dream Makers 2 yesterday that she does not feel stressed about earning the recognition.

“(I have lost the award) for too many times. (laughs) I’m already used to it. It also isn’t a factor I have considered before I took on this role. I would never accept a role for the sake of winning an award as that would give me unnecessary stress,” she said.

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