Jeffrey Xu “really wants to” marry Felicia Chin, but…

The duke shares more about his newly-revealed relationship with his “Princess”, including their first kiss, frustrations and marriage plans

Jeffrey Xu “really wants to” marry Felicia Chin, but…

Photos: Tammi Tan

By the time Jeffrey Xu famously made his feelings towards Felicia Chin publicly known at this year’s Star Awards, they had already been dating for almost six months.

In fact, they had also already shared their first kiss, as the 28-year-old duke shared with Toggle at today’s imaging session for Mightiest Mother-In-Law.

“(It happened) in her car at the carpark of our church last November; you can say I made the first move,” Jeffrey divulged with a smile. “It just sort of happened while we were preparing to get down from the vehicle.”

Since confirming their much-speculated-about relationship in two high-profile magazine spreads, “Felifrey” (as nicknamed by 8 DAYS) have gone all out with the PDA (public displays of affection), whether on the streets or on their respective social media pages.

However, the considerate boyfriend makes sure to get his lady’s permission before sharing something with her in it. “I’ll show her and say, ‘Hey baby, is it okay with you if I post this?’ and if she’s not comfortable with it, then I’ll respect that.”

Jeffrey Xu “really wants to” marry Felicia Chin, but…
(Photos: Jeffrey Xu/Instagram, Felicia Chin/Instagram)

The newfound freedom is a huge relief for Jeffrey, as they “no longer have to do things in secret”. He’s also been lucky to receive congratulations instead of resentment from fans. “I would be disappointed if I found out that my fans were angry about my relationship, but so far there have been no negative reactions.”

Although it’s clear that the couple is still very much in the honeymoon phase (Jeffrey himself initiated the transition from talking about his drama role to his relationship by declaring himself “a man in love”), there are bound to be pet peeves. In this case, Jeffrey admitted that Felicia’s tendency to care a little too much about others – sometimes to the point of neglecting her own needs – is something he’s not particularly happy about.

That said, there have yet to be any big arguments between them. “At the most, we’ll just give each other the cold shoulder for a while.”

In Mightiest Mother-In-Law, Jeffrey plays Ken, the godson of Chen Li Ping’s character Liew Xiu Zhu. “Ken is someone who is all talk and no action,” he chuckled. “When I read the script, one scene that stuck out to me involves him trying to save a girl from bullies by flamboyantly running over and shouting, “LET. HER. GO!” before cowering in a corner when he’s threatened. (laughs) He’s quite different from my previous roles.”

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