Jeremy Chan: More than just Jesseca Liu’s husband

The artiste shared about his future plans in showbiz, how his relationship with Jesseca begun and yes, what he thinks about being known as “Jesseca Liu’s husband”

Jeremy Chan: More than just Jesseca Liu’s husband

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It's a quiet Wednesday afternoon at the Mediacorp campus as Jeremy Chan sits down for an interview with Toggle in between filming for upcoming web series, Hear Your Thoughts.

Little did we know that this would be the last interview we had with him before he exchanged his 'I do's' with longtime girlfriend Jesseca Liu that very weekend. It should come as no surprise to us, as the couple dated under the radar for two years before going public with their relationship in February 2016 - even then, Jesseca didn't reveal who she was dating, and only let on that she was hoping that her then-relationship would lead to marriage.

Fast forward a year later, where Jeremy and Jesseca announced in January that they would be tying the knot this year. Again, provided bits and pieces of information and shared that the public would only know about the wedding on the big day itself.

WATCH: How did Jeremy win Jesseca's hand in marriage?

"I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to talk about things until they're confirmed," Jeremy mused.

He was, however, happy to share about how the pair started dating.

“We knew about each other for some time but never got to talk much - she focuses more on acting while I focus more on variety. We crossed paths while we were filming xinmsn’s web drama Who Killed The Lead, and that’s where it all started,” he confessed.

“There wasn’t any special method that I used to get her to say yes to dating; instead, I think it was my sincerity that moved her,” Jeremy shared. “A lot of people see me as the happy-go-lucky guy, but I can get really serious when I want to be.”

“We started dating with marriage in mind, and both of us had that same thought,” he continued. “In the short term, we’re alright with staying within Singapore but as artistes, we need to be professional and go where our jobs take us.”

Jeremy Chan: More than just Jesseca Liu’s husband
Jeremy and Jesseca in Who Killed the Lead

Jeremy wants people to take him seriously

When it comes to his career, Jeremy also has a clear idea of where he wants to go next. “If you compare acting and hosting, I definitely prefer hosting,” he said. “When you’re acting, you have to become someone else, but as a host, you can be who you are.”

As someone who’s “still young,” the 36-year-old feels that trying out different aspects of showbiz is something that comes naturally. “In the future, I hope to challenge more serious roles to let others feel that Jeremy Chan is capable of doing such characters too,” he added.

For now, however, he doesn’t feel that being typecasted as a funnyman is a good thing. “If the audience thinks that I’m “not bad”, that’s a bad thing. If I’m just ‘not bad’, it means that they don’t have a definite idea of what I’m like as an entertainer,” Jeremy explained. “I’m alright with being called a comedian.”

“Sometimes when I’m on the streets, passersby will ask me to go over and tell them a joke. I think it’s part of my identity now and it will take time for people to be able to take me more seriously,” he mused. “I’ll have to work on being able to hold serious conversations with others, and it’s something that I’m still trying to get a grasp of.”

Naming Guo Liang as his role model, Jeremy explained that the veteran’s secret to success is likely his love for reading. “We usually check out our phones when we have nothing better to do, but Liang ge is always reading. It really does make a difference,” Jeremy grinned. “I’m still working hard to finish a book every month, but it’s hard because I tend to fall asleep reading it.”

In the near future, Jeremy is also aiming to film more web series as he feels that’s where the younger generation’s focus is on. “I’ve been considering filming my own series but that’s still in the pipeline,” he shared. “But I’m also discussing some other web projects now, and I’ll be part of King Kong Media Production’s project, too."

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