Joanne Peh’s favourite dish by Qi Yuwu: oxtail stew

Joanne Peh made a surprise appearance at husband Qi Yuwu’s cooking event last Saturday

Joanne Peh’s favourite dish by Qi Yuwu: oxtail stew
As part of the promotional activities for upcoming local film 1965, director Randy Ang and lead actor Qi Yuwu put on the chef’s hat to whip up dishes for 60 elderly folks at the Soup Restaurant (Suntec City Mall) last Saturday. 

An avid fan of cooking, Yuwu arrived at the restaurant early in the morning to concoct his home-style “Guangzhou-style Six Combination Soup”, a dish that he personally enjoys and is most confident about.

Speaking to Toggle, the actor said that soup dishes are an essential part of the menu to people who are from Guangzhou, including himself.

“Whenever I drink soup, I think of my home. 1965 is a movie about family and country, thus I hope these elderly folks would feel the same way [as I do] when they drink the soup,” he added. 

Under the guidance of head chef Huang Xiang Xing, Yuwu also prepared Chinese steamed egg with minced meat for the guests. The task of preparing a meal for 60 people did not daunt him. “Cooking is my hobby. It allows me to focus on doing a single thing and that way, it distracts me from other issues. For example, I will cook when something is bothering me. It is my stress reliever,” the 38-year-old let on.

Joanne Peh’s favourite dish by Qi Yuwu: oxtail stew
While Yuwu was busy serving the dishes, his wife Joanne Peh made a surprise appearance to his delight – his joy was evident from the way he immediately gave her a big hug.

When asked to rate Yuwu’s culinary skills, Joanne replied with a look of bliss: “He’d [be the one who] helms the kitchen whenever he is free. There are many times when I don’t know the names of his dishes, but I just eat them anyway (laughs).”

As for her favourite dish cooked by Yuwu, the mum-to-be answered without hesitation: “I love his oxtail stew!”

Although she appreciates home-cooked food, Joanne, who prefers baking to cooking, has not picked up any tips from her husband. “The dishes that he makes are very complicated. There are a lot of ingredients and the wok is heavy, so I can’t lift it now,” explained the eight months pregnant actress.

Despite words of compliments from his wife, Yuwu humbly thinks that his skills are “just okay”. Unbeknownst to many, the actor had, in fact, sought lessons from a cooking teacher four years ago. “For about one and a half years, I learned some basic techniques and started formulating my own dishes,” he shared. “I get a huge sense of achievement each time I complete a dish.”

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