Joanne Peh shares childbirth footage in Baby Steps

The actress-turned-host talks about her doubts and worries about becoming a mother on TV


More than two months ago, actors Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu became parents to a baby girl (nicknamed baby Qi) on August 7. In their handwritten statements to the media, the new parents spoke about Joanne’s choice to opt for a natural birth that was pain-killer free.

In today’s episode of Baby Steps, a talk show programme hosted by Joanne before and after childbirth, the actress shares never-before-seen footages of her experience in the delivery suite.

The video features the actress experiencing contractions and in labour, pushing out the baby, with personal cheerleader Yuwu by her side.

Prior to her birthing episode, Joanne met with several OB-GYN professionals and parents, including actor Zzen Zhang and his wife, Geline, who became parents this year, and picked up useful parenting and birthing tips from them.


Joanne, who was unsure about necessities to prepare for newborn babies, visited Zzen and his wife at their home, had a little tour of the couple’s nursery and sought breastfeeding tips from Geline too. She also met a professional doula who shared important yet practical tips to prep her for the arrival of baby Qi.

Baby Steps documents Joanne’s journey into motherhood and is a parenting programme for new parents. In a recent interview, Joanne shared that she and her daughter will be temporarily relocating to Beijing at the end of this year to be with her husband, who will be there for work

Baby Steps airs Tuesdays, 8 pm on Channel 8. Watch past episodes of it on Toggle.

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