Jonathan Cheok on his “wet” kiss scenes in ‘LifeSpam’

The YouTuber will be locking lips with one of his co-stars in an upcoming episode of the Toggle Original


We sat down for a quick chat with one of the stars of the new Toggle Originals series LifeSpam, YouTuber Jonathan Cheok from cheokboardstudios, a few days after his “first on-screen lip-to-lip kiss scene” with one of his co-stars, to find out more about his experience filming for the scenes. (Ed’s note: Nope, we’re not revealing who the lucky lady is just yet, you’ll have to check out the upcoming episodes of LifeSpam to find out for yourself!)

However, Jonathan, who plays the gaming-obsessed older brother of Cindy (played by Narelle Kheng from The Sam Willows), a 14-year-old stuck in a 26-year old’s body, only had one word to describe his kiss scenes when asked about them – “wet.”

“To be honest, it was my first onscreen lip-to-lip kiss scene. We met only on the day of the shoot, so there wasn’t much preparation beforehand. During rehearsals, we didn’t actually kiss, we’d just pretend to kiss as we ran through everything with the director.  There were two scenes, and we had two to three takes for each scene. It was slightly awkward, of course, but I still had to be professional,” the 32-year-old later elaborated.

To make matters worse, the YouTuber’s character, Kian Boon, or “KillBeast”, as he is known online, isn’t exactly known for his prowess in attracting women, or making good decisions, as can be seen from his willingness to sign away Cindy’s rights to a less-than-reputable energy drink company.

Will everything turn out alright for the two siblings? It’s hard to say…

Jonathan shares his thoughts about all things social and viral, including that one time a fan asked him to sign on her upper thigh. Read on for more!

YouTuber Jonathan plays Killbeast in LifeSpam.

Toggle: How has filming been for you so far?
Jonathan: Tiring, because I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for two days before this, shooting a Mandarin feature film. It’s in Mandarin, so I flew there for two days, filmed in Mandarin, flew back again, did LifeSpam for two days, went back to KL for nine days and filmed in Mandarin again,and now I’m back filming LifeSpam.

If you were to come up with your own “Go Viral Instantly” plan, it’ll be to…
[I’d] probably do a sex tape? Maybe I can just do an extension of my kiss scene in LifeSpam (laughs). No, but seriously, I’ve been doing YouTube for four years, and funnily enough, you never know what will go viral. There are some videos that I really like, where I feel like it’ll hit 1 million views. But it does so poorly instead, and gets like 100,000 views. But the videos that I do for fun, like my Advertisements VS Reality video, they somehow get close to 3 million views. You never really know what people like and how it’ll become viral, but I guess you just have to grab on to trends and do them well.

A trend/object/fad that went viral that you don’t get?
I think when Boomerang started, it was cool, but it became so annoying. Boomerangs are like the problematic child of a video and a picture. You’re repeating an action four times, and it just gets a little too repetitive. People do it to the most random things, like someone smiling or flexing. It just really annoys me.

(Continued on the next page: Jonathan reveals which YouTube video landed him in “trouble” with the authorities, and his thoughts on the local YouTube community!)

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