Joshua Tan & Darryl Yong: We’re not narcissists

The two hunks of A Selfie’s Tale opened up about acting chops and keeping their clothes on

Joshua Tan & Darryl Yong: We’re not narcissists

Additional Photos: Joshua Tan's Instagram (@joshuatwe13), Darryl Yong's Instagram (@darryl_yong)
Video: Vanessa Lim

Social-media obsessed, narcissistic gym trainers Hans (Joshua Tan) and Johnny (Darryl Yong)’s rivalry heat up screens in this week’s edition of A Selfie’s Tale, with the two squaring it off in – where else – the gym. The two lads, however, were quick to clarify that they are nothing like their fame-loving reel-life selves.

“We’re definitely not similar. The dress code, for one, is not something I’d wear because this is way too sexy for me,” Darryl chuckled. “The only similarity between us is that we work out – I work out to look good but Johnny does it to show off.”

Joshua chimed in, “At the start of the series, Hans is a self-oriented guy and is really happy that he transformed to what he is because he was really fat while growing up. Now that he’s lean and tall, he wants to show off to everyone (and) likes to post pictures online for people to look at.”

Joshua Tan & Darryl Yong: We’re not narcissists

Grinning, he continued, “The difference between Hans and I is that although I do like to take care of my body, I rarely post more revealing stuff online because I prefer to keep my clothes on in general. But if the show requires it, then bo bian (I have no choice).”

The pair are no strangers to showbiz, with Darryl being a former Project SuperStar and Star Search contestant. In addition, he has a long string of projects to his name – including Against the Tide, Mata Mata: A New Era and Point of Entry 2 & 3. Joshua had his first breakout role as the spoiled brat Ken Chow in Ah Boys To Men and has gone on to star in numerous productions, including Channel 5’s Lion Moms.

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