Joyce Chu chooses Aloysius Pang over Joshua Tan

The Malaysian YouTube star will make her film debut in local movie ‘Young & Fabulous’

Joyce Chu chooses Aloysius Pang over Joshua Tan

For the first time in local film history, cosplay (which means costume play to represent a specific character or idea) will be featured as the main theme of new movie Young & Fabulous.

Last Wednesday, local director Kelvin Sng and executive producer Joyce Lee (Managing Director of Encore Films) attended the press conference alongside the movie’s main cast members Aloysius Pang, Joshua Tan, Joyce Chu, Jeffrey Xu, Gurmit Singh, Quan Yi Fong, Henry Thia and rookie child actor Jordan Ng.

With a budget of S$1.2 million, Young & Fabulous will be produced by Encore Films, in collaboration with SIMF Management and Golden Village Pictures. After 1.5 years of preparation, filming is set to commence on Apr 15 and the movie is expected to open in cinemas in six Asian countries, including Taiwan and Indonesia, later this year.

For a convincing portrayal of the cosplay industry, the production team has specially engaged the help of professional cosplayers to tailor costumes for the actors.

While Joshua Tan has never tried cosplaying, he is a fan of anime such as Naruto and Bleach – which explains his excitement after learning that he would be dressing up as one of the characters in Naruto for Young & Fabulous.

In his first feature film without his buddies from the Ah Boys to Men series, Joshua’s biggest challenge is to break out of Ken Chow’s mold.

“Director (Jack) Neo once told us that some actors spend their entire lives in this industry but they have never gotten a role that people would remember them for. To achieve such results right from the start [of our careers] is a blessing,” he said. “Though we are a little afraid of being stereotyped and restricted, we want to try different roles while cherishing our success.”

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Joyce Chu chooses Aloysius Pang over Joshua Tan

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