Kate Pang back to work as a full-time artiste

The first-time mother shares on how she adapts to her daily separation with her son Aden

Kate Pang back to work as a full-time artiste
MediaCorp artiste Kate Pang is finally back on the small screen and marked the end of her “pregnancy leave” by renewing her artiste contract for another two years.

Kate, who has regained her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to her baby boy Aden last June, shared that she will be part of a dance team for the upcoming SPD (Society of the Physically Disabled) Charity Show 2015.

For the first time, the show would have an outdoor getai stage where veteran getai performers Liu Ling Ling and Wang Lei would wow everyone with their glittery outfits and upbeat songs. Back in the studio, viewers can also anticipate a special dance item where MediaCorp artistes, including Kate, would dance with soda cans as props. This would be the fifth year that MediaCorp is collaborating with the Society of the Physically Disabled (SPD) for the charity show.

Kate Pang back to work as a full-time artiste

In her interview with xinmsn, Kate revealed that she was only into her third day of work on Wednesday. Apart from experiencing slight jitters as she has not appeared on screen for some time, the mother-of-one shared that she greatly misses her eight-month baby when she is working.

“I’m not sure if Aden has realized that I would be leaving him at home while I go out to work, but he once he sees me, he would whine and ask me to hug him,” she recalled.
“He is usually contented by playing on his own, but once he sees me, he starts to wail. He would only give a satisfied smile when I hold him in my arms,” she added.

Kate Pang back to work as a full-time artiste

Learning to relax her control

As she and her husband Andie Chen have both resumed work, Aden is now placed under the care of their new helper. The couple have specially placed a security camera in their home to observe the situation at home whenever they wish to.

Sharing on how she is adapting to the change, Kate said, “There isn’t a choice. This is something every working mother has to go through. I’ve recently learnt to let go and allow my helper take care of him (Aden).”

However, the first-time mother also shared her two cents on having her helper care for her child.

“I would ensure that Aden follows a strict schedule daily as there should be fixed timings to do certain things every day. For example, if he wants to sleep at a wrong time of the day, I would play with him and engage him in some activities, doing my best to make sure he sticks to his schedule,” Kate said.

“However, this routine would easily be broken when someone else takes care of him,” Kate pointed out as her helper may not be as stringent and particular as her.

Then, would Kate be anxious to return home after work?

“If I’m out for a short period, I feel ‘ok’ as my helper keeps to our instructions well and Aden is very well-behaved,” she recounted.

She also said jokingly, “He doesn’t really bully others, so I don’t think anyone would be so angry with him that they want to hit him!”

Kate has no interest to act in dramas at the moment

While Kate is known to as a versatile actress and host, she admitted that she has made up her mind to change her career path after becoming a mother.

“I don’t really plan for my career. I will take on any assignments that come my way. However, I wish to focus on variety shows and hosting as acting takes up too much time,” she said candidly.

She also joked, “I used to dream of being a Hollywood star, but now my dream is to be a housewife, and I hope it will come true in future.”

When asked if she would be worried about her appearance as she is busy looking after Aden, Kate said that she does not place much care on her looks anymore.

She confessed, “It is really easy (to forget about myself) as I really have no time! Who cares about applying some body lotion? Who has the time to do that?”

Kate also displays her affection for her son by ensuring that she creates a safe environment for him at home.

“As Aden likes to kiss me, I would avoid putting on makeup at home and not put on any nail polish. Once I returned from work daily, I would also quickly wash away all the cosmetics and hair products on me,” she said.

This article is translated by Isadora Ong.

Catch the live broadcast of SPD Charity Show 2015 on Channel 8, March 22 at 7pm. Hotlines for donations are also open from now till March 30.

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