Kimberly Wang’s “uncooperative” first onscreen kiss

987FM DJ takes 3 tries to overcome the awkwardness


Photos: Kimberly Wang, Channel 5

Not only was Channel 5’s Rojak her first major production in 10 years, Kimberly Wang had to take on one other challenge in her role as a twentysomething aspiring writer: her first onscreen kiss.

And though her partner was, as she described, “handsome, awesome, nice, sweet and actually a good friend of mine” (watch the show to find out who it is), it didn’t stop Kimberly from succumbing to the awkwardness of the situation and breaking out in nervous laughter.

“It was like, ‘Oh my gosh, seriously, ahhhh!’” the 25-year-old 987FM DJ recounted. “I can hug and hold hands (for the camera), but a kiss scene is a whole different ball game.”

“I think that was the most number of NGs I had in the show,” the self-professed shy introvert said. It took her three tries before she could stop herself from backing away instinctively, and then the kiss had to be filmed from two other angles. “I was not very cooperative!” she said with a laugh.


Melting pot
In Rojak, Kimberly plays Patricia Lim, a girl who impulsively quits her job in law to work on her novel, and rents out rooms in her inherited bungalow for an income and writing inspiration. The unusual living arrangement brings together an Indian psychotherapist (played by Malaysian actress–host Dhanya Nambiar), an American software designer (played by Singapore’s Carla Dunareanu) and a Kiwi bartender (played by Auckland native John Haslett Murphy).

“Nothing works out as (Patricia) planned lah,” Kimberly said. “It’s like a very dysfunctional group of people who try to survive together and that’s what makes it fun.”

The cast bonded from the first day they met, and being surrounded by dedicated crew members over five and a half weeks of filming late last year kept Kimberly going when she had to juggle 12-hour shoots on top of hosting her 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. weeknight radio show.

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