Kit Chan has a particular affinity with Zoe Tay’s dramas

Singer performs theme song for year-end production The Dream Makers 2

Kit Chan

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A heavyweight drama series demands a heavyweight singer to perform its theme song, and Kit Chan is just the person to sing ‘Finally’ for the year-end mega-production, The Dream Makers 2.

“I’m happy [to perform the theme song],” the local songbird said. “The Dream Makers received good reviews and many of my favourite actors were involved in that drama. I’m honoured to sing the theme song this time around, plus I get to work with a producer I like, it’s great!”

The singer revealed she seems to have an affinity with Caldecott Hill royalty Zoe Tay: Kit won “Best Theme Song” at past Star Awards for My Home Affairs 15 years ago and again in 2012 for Devotion, and both dramas featured Zoe in the lead role.

ZZSF2 cast

Kit received a boost in popularity with her recent appearance on the third season of Chinese music reality programme I Am a Singer and gained significant recognition in mainland China. Besides The Dream Makers 2, the singer has recorded the theme song for the 2015 Chinese 3D animated film Monkey King: Hero is Back.

After more than two decades as a recording artist, Kit has her personal take on performing theme songs: Rather than interpret the composition based on her own perspective, she says the plot of the drama or movie must be considered.

“So with this song, I tried to express the power struggles and internal conflict in The Dream Makers 2, as well as the sense of loss and aimlessness,” Kit said.

“This song speaks to the soul of city-dwellers,” she explained. “They are so busy developing their careers, but they feel empty inside. If we could live by the lyrics in the refrain — ‘No matter the outcome, treasure the moment, let go of expectations of the future’ — we’d all be happier and more at peace.”

Having performed in musical productions, movies and drama series, would Kit have liked a part in The Dream Makers 2? “I would have enjoyed a small cameo role,” she said. “Maybe as the boss of Zoe, Li Nanxing, Qi Yuwu and Huang Biren!

“But just one day of filming is enough. I think that would have been fun.”

The Dream Makers 2 debuts December 4, 9 pm on Channel 8; it will be available on Toggle-It-First on November 26. For more information and features, visit our microsite.

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This story is translated by Zara Zhuang.

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