Furbulous Celebrity Meow Series: Lin Peifen’s four babies

“I have four babies because the cats are forever babies and now I have 1 more baby (Luke)”

Photos: Lin Peifen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: our favourite Christmas songs play on loop in malls, supermarkets and cafes, the streets in town are decked in festive paraphernalia, trees and baubles of all sizes imaginable and a palpable sense of joy lingers in the air. It’s a good time to spread holiday cheer to those around us and this Christmas we’d like to bring the spotlight to a particular group of furry dwellers in the community who are in need of more love and attention -- the cats.

For this special furbulous celebrity meow series, we speak to four celebrity cat owners, Lin Peifen, Nat Ho, Felicia Chin and Priscelia Chan as they share stories about their furry felines – some of which, we learned, were picked up as abandoned and unwanted kittens and cats.

In recent years, a local radio deejay on the Hill went from being a mother of one to becoming a mother of three and - eventually - four babies and she is, according to us, MediaCorp’s very own big-hearted cat lady. That person we are talking about is YES 933 deejay Peifen who has not just one, but three cats, Mr Snuggie, Night and Mono, living together with her under one roof.

What about the fourth baby, you ask? Well, that’s her newborn son and SG50 baby, Luke, who was delivered in July this year, and he is the latest addition to her expanding brood.


In a phone interview with Toggle, Peifen shared that she first crossed paths with Mr Snuggie, her first cat, a whole decade ago, thanks to her and her then-boyfriend and now-husband’s common love for felines, which motivated the couple to adopt a cat together.

Back then, she was keen on purchasing a ragdoll (a certain breed of cat), the deejay said, “But a voice in my head went: ‘Ragdolls have great homes already - they are bred, they will go on to have beautiful homes with other people who’d buy them, and they have no trouble finding a nice place to live.

“And something in me felt it’d be nice to give a home to a stray… I found out there are so many cats out there who are strays and unwanted and I decided – one less (stray) on the street would be one more (cat) with a happy home,” she quipped.

So how did she go from being owner of one to three cats overnight?

According to Peifen, Mono and Night, who are six years old this year, are a pair of brothers who were found in a drain in a school, and she had wanted to foster them until they were big enough to be adopted. “I decided that if I wanted to give them away, they should be together too but nobody wanted two cats,” she explained.

Although her plans went awry because she couldn’t find anyone to adopt them, it led to a happy twist.

Introducing the mischief makers from L-R: Mr Snuggie, Mono and Night

“So it (the adoption of Night and Mono) just happened,” she said gushing, “And they were so cute!”

Being mum to three fur kids certainly had a hand in preparing her mentally for her next journey in life -- motherhood.

Although caring for kittens takes place over a shorter duration of time and is less emotional a journey --with no hormones wreaking havoc, you’d still need to cover the basics of catering to their needs and making sure they are clean and vaccinated.

“Having a pet helps one get ready for motherhood because you are committed to a life and taking care of a life,” she surmised.

“I cannot remember how life was like without them (the cats). I think patience is one big lesson I’ve learned from them - to have one cat will teach you a bit about it, but to have three cats really tests your patience, especially three Tom cats! They do get into fights, they are very mischievous too and they each have their own brand of mischief.”

Added Peifen with a laugh, “So I have four babies because the cats are forever babies, and now, I have one more baby (Luke)!”

How did Peifen prepare her three cats for their new sibling’s arrival and how did the three cats react to their baby brother’s homecoming? Read on to find out more!

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