Living apart makes it harder to have a baby: Tay Kewei

The homegrown singer revealed that the couple still live separately at their respective family houses


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Local singer-songwriter Tay Kewei is currently in the midst of preparing for her first large-scale solo concert, which will be held in June this year. She announced that the concert, titled ‘Chi’, will be held in June this year and also played the piano and performed her self-composed song, ‘This Too Shall Pass’ amongst other works, at a press conference held last Thursday.

Later, in her interview with Toggle, Kewei, who recently vacationed in Hokkaido, Japan with her husband, gave us an update on her married life with fellow singer Alfred Sim, after tying the knot in January last year.

Unbeknownst to many, the two of them still live separately at their respective family homes, and will only move into their new marital house at Whampoa next year.


Living apart has made it “really difficult” for them to have a baby and it is the main reason “why we haven’t succeeded” in getting pregnant, said Kewei.

The singer-songwriter also revealed that they have yet to meet each other since coming back from their holiday to Hokkaido last week and added that there is no ‘made in Japan’ baby too. “Sadly, there’s still no baby for us,” revealed Kewei, who shared that she is “a little disappointed” as she wishes to have children.

Another reason why the couple isn’t in a hurry to start a family is due to their developing careers: Alfred filmed Channel 8 drama, Don’t Worry, Be Healthy last year and released his solo album Alfred early this year while Kewei is busy with preparations for her solo concert.

“We don’t have fixed working hours, so it’s hard for us to meet,” she explained.


During the interview, the 32-year-old also shared more details about her upcoming concert, and expressed her desire to work with homegrown singer JJ Lin, choosing him as someone she’ll like to have as a special guest at her concert. If given a chance to perform with him, she hopes to be able to sing his self-composed song, ‘Beautiful’, together with him, said Kewei.

“I’m not sure if JJ will come if I invited him, I used to be a backup singer for him,” she let on.

Other than JJ, Kewei also shared that she’s looking forward to having her dad onstage as her special guest.

“My dad plays the bamboo flute, and I play the erhu. On that day, we can collaborate and perform a few songs together.”

Finally, when asked if her husband Alfred will be making an appearance at her concert as well, she laughingly said, “I will force him to sing at my concert, but I wouldn’t pay him for it.”

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