Furbulous Celebrity Meow series: Love at first sight for Nat Ho and Kymmi

“You know, it sounds so stupid but how can your heart feel so much for a little creature?”

Photos: Nat Ho

‘Tis the season to be jolly.

With a couple of weeks to go before Christmas is upon us, it’s a good time to spread holiday cheer and joy to those around us – no monetary gifts required, sometimes a smile is all you need. And our gift to you this week is through sharing the story about how Tanglin actor Nat Ho met his “daughter” Kymmi, in this week’s installment of the furbulous celebrity meow series.

We were told it all began with a chance encounter on the set of Channel 5’s Polo Boys in 2009.


“Actually it was my director who picked her up but as she was already looking after quite a number of cats at that time, she couldn’t take in another one,” shared Nat in an interview with Toggle, “When she was picked up, my director actually stayed with her through the night but her mother never came. Maybe it got into an accident or something - we don’t know…”

The estimated 1.5-month-old kitten was then temporarily cared for and housed in the MediaCorp store behind some boxes in a cage. Nat wanted to take a look at it when he learned of the kitten’s existence from the director, but little did he know he’d end up falling hook, line and sinker for it.

And the rest, as he said, is history. “After I saw her, it was love at first sight,” laughed Nat.

The 31-year-old actor decided to adopt Kymmi as a form of company for his mum, who was initially resistant to the idea of having a cat and even yelled at him when he first brought the kitten home. But Nat’s mum bonded with Kymmi over time and eventually became quite attached to the little furry creature.

Nat shared that his mum would also keep him updated with pictures of Kymmi from time to time. Once, when he had a video call chat with his mum and brother from Taipei, “Kymmi came in [to my brother’s room] because she heard my voice and she started meowing a lot,” he recalled.


“She’s not the kind who’d usually meow much unless she needs attention. I think she was just looking for my voice.”

On another occasion, Nat’s mum sent him a photo of Kymmi sitting in a corner of his room, waiting for him in complete darkness. “That was heartbreaking,” he sighed.

But what was probably more heartbreaking for Nat was when he received the cold shoulder treatment from Kymmi when he returned home for good from Taiwan: “I think she was angry with me [for being away].”

It took him one to two weeks to coax her and slowly build up the bond between them again because “it’s not like you can just come back into their lives too,” he chuckled, “It takes a period of adjustment but things are back to normal now.”

Nat getting lovey-dovey with his "daughter" Kymmi

Having Kymmi in his life certainly helped Nat better understand his co-star - a cat named Sigmund - in an upcoming Channel 5 telemovie where he plays a playboy who hooks up with women on Tinder with the help of his profile picture of him and his cat. “It was notoriously hard to shoot because cats are unpredictable and they are not trained [to act],” he shared, “It takes time to build trust too, but when you’re filming - how much trust can you build up in a span of a few hours?”

Nat added that the cat would run all the way to back of the storage area of the warehouse where they were filming at, which reminded him of that one time he did a magazine shoot at home with Kymmi which left her traumatised.

“She hid in the cupboard and wouldn’t come out for more than two hours,” he recalled, “There were a lot of people and bright lights and cats are very sensitive to their surroundings. It was sensory overload for a cat and I promised never to subject her to something like that again.”

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