New faces, new characters for The Journey’s sequel

The sequel to last year’s blockbuster TV series will feature new faces like Romeo Tan, Andie Chen and Felicia Chin

New faces, new characters for The Journey’s sequel

Remember the closing scene of The Journey: A Voyage which featured a portrait shot of the adult actors and their young offspring in the last episode?

Well, guess what – its following series, The Journey: Tumultuous Times, will be based on the lives of their younger generation i.e., Shitou and Yazi, Tianying and Huiniang and Tianpeng and Mingzhu’s kids – Hu Jia, Zhang Yan, Hong Dangyong, Hong Minghui and Zhangmin (we know this sounds confusing, more on them below).

Slated for a year-end broadcast in November this year, production for the second part of The Journey trilogy is currently underway. Tumultuous Times will be set in Singapore during the 1940s to 1960s and will cover several historical events such as the Japanese occupation, the Hock Lee bus riots during our pre independence days and Singapore’s merger with Malaysia.

For viewers who closely followed the first series, there’d be some form of continuity as the adult actors (namely Li Nanxing, Chris Tong, Joanne Peh, Allen Chen, Desmond Tan and Jeanette Aw) will return to reprise their characters in a few scenes as a lead-in to this brand new era featuring their five children.

We’ve heard and seen your suggestions on actors who should be cast in the second series. Some wanted Rui En and Qi Yu Wu on this drama vehicle, others hoped to see Joanne and Elvin Ng return. However, Jeanette will be the only permanent addition to the cast as she is set to return and star as the grown-up edition of Yazi and Shitou’s daughter, Hong Ming Hui, in Tumultuous Times. Andie Chen also makes a return to local TV in this series and will co-star as Jeanette’s onscreen brother, Hong Dang Yong.

New faces, new characters for The Journey’s sequel

The Journey: A Voyage's main characters and their offspring

Other notable additions to the cast include Romeo Tan as Zhang Yan, Felicia Chin as Zhang Min, and Carrie Wong as Tang Shui Mei. Chen Hanwei will take the place of Pierre Png and Terence Cao (from the first series) to star as the show’s resident villain, Hu Wei Ren.

The actor who is set to play Hu Jia, the son of Tian Ying and Hui Niang, is yet to be confirmed at press time.

We understand that the sudden introduction of new characters sounds a bit mind-boggling and to simplify things, we’ve broken them down into bite-sized pieces. Here’s what you need to know about these new characters, their parents, and their entangled relationships with one another.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times is slated for a year-end broadcast in 2014.

Tian Peng and Ming Zhu’s son: Zhang Yan (played by Romeo Tan)
He is an ambitious and passionate young man filled with ideals. An excellent student in school, he also studied law in the UK and becomes a public prosecutor upon his return to Singapore. He and Dang Yong are best buddies in the show.

Tian Ying and Hui Niang’s son: Hu Jia/Zhang Jia (actor to be confirmed)
Originally named Zhang Jia, he was abducted by Weiren when he was 12 years old and taken under his wing – with a brand new name: Hu Jia. Quick-witted and nimble by nature, he picked up many despicable triad business dealings during his growing up years and eventually becomes a thug.

Tian Ying and Hui Niang’s adopted daughter: Zhang Min (played by Felicia Chin)
Zhang Min was adopted by Tian Ying and Hui Niang after getting abandoned by her parents at three years old. She teaches Mandarin at a school and grows up to be the fiancée of Dang Yong.

Shi Tou and Ya Zi’s son: Hong Dang Yong (played by Andie Chen)
Dang Yong is good friends with Zhang Yan as they both share the same ideals. A leftist, he spearheaded many strikes and riots during the 1950s, and his fiancé is Zhang Min.

Shi Tou and Ya Zi’s daughter: Hong Ming Hui (played by Jeanette Aw)
Min Hui is a good-natured person who believes that women are just as capable as men. A caring and kind-hearted nurse, she is Zhang Yan’s childhood sweetheart.

New faces, new characters for The Journey’s sequel

Tang Shui Mei (played by Carrie Wong)
Bai Lan Xiang (nickname: Tang Shui Mei) is a hawker who sells old school desserts and is known for her bad temper and beautiful looks. Although she has endless suitors, she rejects all match-making proposals because she only has eyes for Hu Jia.

Hu Wei Ren (played by Chen Hanwei)
A street ruffian during his teenage years, a grown-up Wei Ren turns out to be a traitor who extorts, cheats and commits all sorts of unlawful acts, and even works for the Japanese government during the occupation days. He forces Hu Jia to acknowledge him as his father after kidnapping the latter when he was a kid.

How are the characters in Tumultuous Times related?

New faces, new characters for The Journey’s sequel

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