No sweat over kissing Felicia Chin: Timothee Yap

The national sprinter will be making his acting debut in upcoming Toggle Originals series ‘2589 Days Apart’


Photos: Tammi Tan

Singapore sprinter Timothee Yap, who competed in this year’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, seems like an unlikely addition to Dasmond Koh’s arsenal of artistes – but in September, the 22-year-old joined the host’s talent management agency NoonTalk Media.

“The reason (Dasmond signed me) was because he wants to raise the profile of sportsmen like myself in Singapore,” Timothee explained in an interview at yesterday’s imaging session for 2589 Days Apart, an upcoming Toggle Originals series.

In 2589 Days Apart, Timothee makes his acting debut as Zheng De Lu, who starts out as an 18-year-old JC (junior college) student who’s not doing well in school but excels at running. “Dasmond heard about the role and I went to audition for it,” he revealed. “I think I was chosen because (the drama) is centralised around track and field.”


While he is understandably nervous about taking on his first role, Timothee is optimistic about being “well-prepared” when filming commences next week, thanks to his NoonTalk friends. “Dasmond, Aloysius (Pang), Xu Bin, and (Zong) Zijie have been helping me (rehearse my lines),” he said, beaming at the mention of his boss and label mates. He added that although he is more comfortable with the English language, memorising the all-Mandarin script was not as difficult as he thought.

Timothee also seemed relatively unnerved when we told him that he will have a kiss scene with co-star Felicia Chin in the drama (a last-minute change that he was not previously aware of). “I don’t think there’s any need for mental preparation – just go with the flow!” he chuckled. “It’ll be good to work with an experienced actress like her.”

When asked if he’s concerned about locking lips with someone else’s girlfriend (and upsetting a certain duke), Timothee shrugged and said, “No lah, we’re just being professionals and doing our jobs, so I think there shouldn’t be any problem.”

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