Of boyfriends & family time: Felicia Chin & Aloysius Pang's 2016 resolutions

The Mediacorp stars spoke of their plans and goals for the new year

Of boyfriends & family time: Felicia Chin & Aloysius Pang's 2016 resolutions

Additional Photos: Dion Tang
Videos: Foong Mien Shi, Vanessa Lim & Tan Shi Qi

A new year is upon us and with it comes resolutions and hopes for new beginnings. For Channel 8’s long form drama, Life – Fear Not (Life), however, the start of 2016 was tinged with sadness as they bade goodbye to the drama set and are preparing to wrap up filming for the 120-episode long series.

The full cast, which includes Chen Shucheng, Aileen Tan, Rayson Tan, Chen Liping, Felicia Chin, Aloysius Pang, Carrie Wong, Bonnie Loo and more, gathered for the last time at Studio 6 on Monday for the wrap-up party, where they spoke of their goals for the year and their best memories while working together for the past six months.

Aloysius and Felicia, who play siblings in Life, both chuckled that their best memories on-set include the times they spent together bickering. Despite this being their first time working together, they both agreed that their chemistry together was good. “To be honest – and this isn’t really a bad thing – but she hits people really hard,” Aloysius grinned. “She kept hitting me throughout the course of filming it did hurt quite a bit.”

Of boyfriends & family time: Felicia Chin & Aloysius Pang's 2016 resolutions

Bursting out into laughter when we told her about Aloysius’s words, Felicia denied the accusation before admitting, “Once in a while, I’d pat him a little too hard (…) but I only hit people who I like so Aloysius, please know that I like you very much!”

While the two won’t be able to engage in sibling behavior after shooting wraps, they agreed that spending more time with their respective families is one of their highest priorities this year. “While I was filming Life, I didn’t really have time to spend with my mom and I might be busy with filming later in the year, so I’ll definitely want to spend more time with her soon,” Felicia mused.

One of the potential projects on her horizon is a drama in which she will play a lawyer for the first time in her career, in which the plot will focus heavily on the leading female. Musing that she definitely feels the pressure to work harder to portray the character well, Felicia shared that while “nothing is confirmed yet, it’ll definitely be a good opportunity for me”.

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