Pressure’s on Joel Choo, He Ying Ying to improve acting chops

The young stars have picked up quickly since starting work on A Million Dollar Dream, but still have some way to go

Pressure’s on Joel Choo, He Ying Ying to improve acting chops

It’s 11.05am on set while filming upcoming Channel 8 drama A Million Dollar Dream, and the pressure is growing as time ticks by. The dining area at Mezza9 at the Grand Hyatt must be ready to welcome the lunch crowd by 11.30am, and there are takes that have yet to be completed.

The protagonists of yesterday’s scenes were budding actors Joel Choo and He Ying Ying, and they managed to complete filming on time before moving on to another area to work on another scene, which is again a race against time as they need to call it a day by 1pm.

Calling out instructions to the two young stars, along with the other cast members, is director Martin Chan, who also takes the initiative to demonstrate how certain scenes should be played out – and he’s definitely someone who knows what he’s doing, especially after picking up his first Best Director award for C.L.I.F. 4 at the Star Awards 2017.

After wrapping up their scenes, Ying Ying and Joel sat down with Toggle to tell us more about how their experience has been working on the drama, in which they are each other’s love interests. Ying Ying also revealed the reason why she shed tears during the acting class that Xie Shao Guang conducted, while Director Chan told us why improving their acting chops is so important to the two young stars.

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Ying Ying being guided on how to convincingly portray an intoxicated person
Ying Ying being guided on how to convincingly portray an intoxicated person

Ying Ying on how Xie Shao Guang reminded her of the reason why she’s an actress

In some of the scenes that were shot yesterday, Ying Ying’s character, Yi Jing, stumbles while trying to make her way out of the restaurant after having one too many drinks. For Ying Ying, who confessed that she’s never gotten drunk, acting the part proved to be an uphill task as the director had to demonstrate examples of how intoxicated people would walk.

Despite having to shoot the scene more than once, Director Chan shared that he feels that she “has improved so much since the first time I saw her – what I can say for her and Joel is that they have a lot of room for improvement because they don’t quite have the amount of life experiences that older actors may have. Plus, they’re pretty new to showbiz, so there are some things that they have to learn by themselves.”

Ying Ying agreed, “A couple of days ago, I really felt like I wasn’t doing well enough. Yes, I acknowledge that I’m improving but it’s definitely not at the pace I hoped that I would be (…) I think that I’m just too anxious. As a newbie, I want to see myself improve a certain level of acting as soon as possible, so I felt quite upset about it. After that, I realised that seeing an improvement is good enough, and that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.”

Xie Shao Guang's acting workshop
Ying Ying and Joel, along with many other young actors, were the lucky few who attended Xie Shao Guang's acting workshop last week

The 22-year-old did, however, get a boost of energy from attending Xie Shao Guang’s acting workshop held in Mediacorp last week. “I only managed to attend the first day of it because I had filming on the second day, but the amount of passion and dedication that he has towards acting was really inspiring, and I was very touched by it as well.”

She continued that there was a segment “where he and Nick (Teo), along with Sheila (Sim) shared eye contact. “The both of them shed tears, and the strange thing is, even though I was just observing, I also started crying. I saw the connection that they had and I felt really touched by it. Andie also shared a scene with Xie Shao Guang, and all of us were really jealous.”

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