Project SuperStar champion Alfred Sim: Winner in music and love

The 33-year-old was crowned the overall champion of Project SuperStar 2014 last night

Alfred Sim
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If you’d caught the “live” broadcast of Channel U’s Project SuperStar 2014 Grand Final held at MediaCorp TV Theatre last night, you would have noticed the camera panning to local singer Tay Kewei, every single time Alfred Sim appeared on screen.

While speaking to xinmsn after the show, the newly crowned champion of the reality singing contest shyly admitted that Kewei, who was dressed in Alfred’s red fanclub tee, is indeed his girlfriend.

A quick check on the songbird’s social media platforms also showed her efforts in rallying support for her 33-year-old beau. Judging from how nervous Alfred looked throughout the night (and how he had actively texted his friends to inform them of his participation in PSS), one could guess how badly he wanted the prize – which explained the tears of his parents, girlfriend and the man himself, when the results were announced.

However, it wasn’t all smooth-sailing for the aspiring singer. As a result of over-practising, Alfred strained his vocal cord last Wednesday. After self-medication failed to improve his condition, the athletics coach visited the doctor on Monday and finally regained his voice yesterday. “Even during rehearsals on Saturday, I was not fully recovered,” he added.
Alfred Sim, Tay Kewei

Despite his succinct winning speech on stage, Alfred expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Kewei during the interview. Sharing how they used to work together as wedding singers, he said: “She helped me a great deal. I used to only sing Mandarin songs, but being a wedding singer required me to be able to belt out different genres of music, such as jazz, pop, rock in both English and Chinese.”
With the increased exposure and valuable experience, Alfred became more versatile and for that, the deep baritone singer is extremely thankful towards Kewei for opening new windows of opportunity for him. Although his girlfriend did not offer advice in terms of song choice during his PSS journey, he was not disappointed as he “knows himself well enough”.

Last night, Alfred continued the “masculine domination” of PSS – both winners of Season 1 and 2 (Kelvin Tan and Daren Tan) are male contestants – by successfully snagging the coveted title. Nevertheless, Alfred gave kudos to female champion Abigail Yeo whom he viewed as a strong competitor. “She’s only 18 and her song choice for the final segment is brilliant. She has a bright future ahead of her,” he earnestly commented.
Alfred Sim and Abigail Yeo

While he was the oldest contestant on the show, age, to Alfred, is just a number. “I’ve come a long way. In the competitions that I took part in, I’ve never made it to the finals. Be courageous in chasing your dreams and one day, they might just come true,” the motivated chap reiterated.
Still reeling from the excitement, Alfred, who felt incredulous about his win, has not made any celebratory plans or decide how he is going to spend the cash prize of $15,000. Also earning himself a contract with MediaCorp, the ambitious singer is keen to venture into acting and hosting, besides music.

“My idol is Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau. He works very hard and is an all-rounded artiste. I look up to him,” he quipped.

Now that he has joined the Superstar alumni, Alfred is confident that he would not have problems managing his time between developing his showbiz career and side business – he is the founder of Reactiv, a company that provides health and fitness training programs to the public and corporate clients.
Lee Wei Song, Tiger Huang, Yu Feng, Li Jiage
Alfred Sim in the eyes of Lee Wei Song, Tiger Huang, Yu Feng and Li Jiage

Veteran Taiwanese singer Tiger Huang appeared on the Grand Final as a guest judge last night. Though the songstress let on that Justin was the one who first caught her attention during the show, Alfred impressed her with his rendition of A-Mei’s classic hit “Ting Hai” (Listen to the sea), so much so that she called him “a real man”.

Local musician Lee Wei Song, who returned to PSS as a guest judge this year, may not have worked with Alfred previously, but he is certainly open to “exploring new sides” of the singer, should the opportunity arises.

During their interview with xinmsn, Voice of China Season 3 stars Yu Feng and Li Jiage shared that Alfred left the deepest impression among the four finalists. “At the end of the day, it is attitude that wins the competition. The more relaxed you are, the better you perform,” Yu Feng explained. 

Catch the repeat telecast of Project SuperStar 2014 Grand Final this Saturday (Nov 2) on Channel U at 11.30am. 

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