Qi Yuwu approves of Joanne Peh’s plan to do a nude baby bump shoot

With Joanne Peh in her second trimester, the parents-to-be tell us how hard it is to be away from each other 

Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh at Star Awards 2015

Video: Teng Siew Eng & Tay Yixuan

Mum-to-be Joanne Peh had an extra special 32nd birthday (April 25) celebration this year, mainly because Qi Yuwu was away in China filming and only got back yesterday for the Star Awards 2015 Show 2 awards ceremony. When we caught up with the happy couple after they were done prepping for the red carpet, the birthday girl gushed, “To have him home (this week) is the biggest present I can ask for!”

“With him being overseas (for work) and for him to be by my side on my birthday is the biggest blessing in life. It’s not easy especially when you’re filming and since he can’t take leave as and when he likes. So I’m touched and I’m really glad that he’s home with me,” she added.

In town for only one day (he touched down at 1 am on Sunday and will be flying back to China for work today), Yuwu chimed, “It’s a pity (I didn’t get to spend her birthday with her) but it’s great to be back and spend time with her.”

As he said that, Joanne looked to her husband and sweetly replied: “That’s enough! I don’t need anything else!”


Read on to find out how are the new parents preparing for the arrival of their first child (they’re not revealing the baby’s gender yet) in August as Joanne shares her plans to do a nude baby bump shoot.

Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh at the Star Awards 2015 red carpet

Toggle: How are you guys preparing for the baby’s arrival?
Joanne: I’ve been reading books and there have been many first times for us – it’s our first child, my first time seeing my body undergo such changes, the baby’s first move (…) I’ve been preparing myself for the baby’s arrival too. Since I want a natural delivery, I’ve been preparing myself for it. I hope we can have a natural birth, if possible, so we’ll prepare ourselves to the best of our abilities (for it).

When is the baby due?
Joanne: It’s due to arrive in August. (Will it be a National Day baby?) It’s hard to tell since we’re opting for a natural birth, we can’t control the date or timing too.
Yuwu: You should try asking the baby (when it wants to arrive) instead.

We understand that Yuwu is busy filming in China, so how did you deal with his absence for the past few months?
Joanne: I’ve been having a fulfilling time at home by baking. I’ve been exercising too and going for pre-natal exercise. I’ve been trying to let myself have an easier time at birth and I try my best to have my body prepared for the process. I’m relaxed, taking it easy and my good friends are taking good care of me, I’m really thankful for their support.

Yuwu, do you worry a lot since you’re not by her side to take care of her?
Yuwu: Not really worried, but I do miss her, especially since I can’t do a lot for her. But our good friends have been taking good care of her so for that I’m really touched and thankful.

How do you guys keep in touch when Yuwu’s filming overseas?
Joanne: We’ll do video calls – thank goodness we have that! Or else we’ll have to end up writing letters – how sad is that? And I don’t even know when my letter would reach him (laughs). But I’m so thankful for technology because we can talk every day and I know how he’s progressing and he knows how the bump is doing.
Yuwu: I hope for technology to be even more advanced so that we can just travel to and fro just by the mere touch of a button (chuckles).

Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh

Have you guys thought of a baby name yet? Is it a boy or a girl?
Yuwu: We have been thinking and pondering about this.
Joanne: Why don’t you guys take a guess? We aren’t particular about the baby’s gender, and we’ll take it as it comes.
Yuwu: Our parents don’t give us additional stress about that.

Will you want to keep the baby away from the public eye in future?
Joanne: When babies are small, their faces change quickly so I’m not worried about exposing his looks to the public – I don’t think it’s a loss of privacy. But when he grows bigger… I tell myself I’m not the kind who’d keep posting his photos on social media, but that’s my opinion now and it’s hard to tell. Who knows what may happen if the baby’s cute and I can’t resist sharing the baby’s photos. But my opinion is I’d have to minimise the baby’s exposure to the public.
Yuwu: We just hope for the child to have a healthy childhood – that’s our biggest concern. As to how we’d do it, it really depends on the situation.

We heard of Joanne’s plans to do a nude photo shoot with her baby bump, is Yuwu supportive of this?
Yuwu: I think if it is done well, it can be a very meaningful project and I’m supportive of her.
Joanne: Maybe when the bump gets bigger and is more pronounced, it’d be more beautiful to capture [it then]. [The photoshoot is] mainly for the baby to have a memory of how it was like in mummy’s tummy.

When does Joanne intend to resume work?
Joanne: If there’s a suitable role, I’d hope to resume work as soon as possible. Maybe after I’m done with my confinement? If there’s nothing suitable, I’d just stay home to accompany my baby since the baby needs milk too… I can just stay home and accompany the baby (laughs).
Yuwu: Maybe after the baby’s arrival she might change her mind too. So it all depends on the situation.

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