Qi Yuwu, Rui En graduate to All-Time Favourite Artiste ranks

Duo thanked fans, friends and family for their unwavering support through the years


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After winning 10 Star Awards Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes awards over the years, Qi Yuwu and Rui En finally went home with their All-Time Favourite Artiste trophies at last night’s Star Awards 2016 Part 1.

Yuwu was originally unable to attend the show and had pre-recorded a thank you speech, but he managed to fly back – at the very last minute – to attend the awards ceremony. At his backstage interview with the media, he shared that he originally wanted to enlist the help of his wife, Joanne Peh, to help send his pre-recorded video to the production team.

“She has actually gone through my speech because I was unable to send the clip to the production team from where I was at and wanted to ask her to help,” shared Yuwu, during his backstage interview. “I wanted to ask for her help me do the speech too, but I think it’s more sincere to do it personally instead.”

Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh at the Star Awards 2016 Part 1 red carpet

During his thank you speech onstage, the Guangzhou-native likened himself to a sapling that has taken root and blossomed in Singapore under the care and help of many friends, fans, family, and colleagues. He also said that “this tree will always be based in Singapore and will continue to film good shows for the audience here.”

Yuwu also brought up his Star Search days in 1999 where he played a tree in one of the skits, and joked, “I didn’t know what I was doing then but I thought I did a pretty good job because I was as ‘woody’ as a tree (laughs).”

“I think that I’m quite a humourous person whose talents have yet to be discovered,” he wisecracked.

Currently filming a movie in China, Yuwu shared that he has no local projects lined up for 2016 yet.


The actor also added that he is now at a stage of his career where he needs to be “selective” of what he does, and explained: “When I first came to Singapore, I hoped for people to get to know me and did a lot of shows.

“But when you’re at a certain stage [of your career], you’d start having certain standards. And when you film too much shows, you don’t have time to live and if you don’t have time to live, that’s quite sad,” he shared.

When asked if he had checked in with his fellow All-Time Favourite Artiste award winner Rui En, who was recently embroiled in an accident involving a stationary motorbike, before they made their appearance together on stage, Yuwu said, “I did ask her if she’s OK and she said she is OK.”

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