Rebecca Lim reacts to “fake wardrobe malfunction” image

The actress shared her stance towards the doctored image of herself which made rounds on the internet early this week


Early this week, a doctored image of local actress Rebecca Lim was circulated on the internet and on forums. Said image of Rebecca was digitally manipulated by an internet user to show off an indecent exposure of the actress’ side cleavage and nipple, which is unlike the original photo taken at an official work event.

On Wednesday night, Rebecca posted the original photo on her social media account and wrote: “Thank you everyone for your concern and support, especially to my loved ones who are innocent and unfortunately placed in such an embarrassing and distressing situation. To you-who-did-it and the people spreading it, shall we stop spreading negativity and lies? This is the original.”

In a phone interview with Toggle, the 29-year-old, who just got back from a family vacation, said of the doctored image, “I woke up to quite a couple of messages that day from friends who have attached pictures of this picture. Initially it was quite a shock because it’s not something that you’d wake up to and I don’t remember having a wardrobe malfunction that day.

“On closer inspection – on a more lighthearted tone – [I went] “Eh, wait a minute. I don’t have that underwear. That’s kind of old fashioned.” (Chuckles) So I immediately referred to the pictures I took on the event and got my managers to find more pictures and concluded it was a fake.”

Rebecca shared that she only showed the picture to her siblings at first because she didn’t want to ruin the whole vacation. “It was (distressing) in some way. It’s the first time and hopefully the last time that I will encounter something like that… My head was quite painful from all that thinking and everything but there’s nothing a few cups of instant noodles won’t cure,” she laughed candidly, “We went to the grocery store, bought a few packets, pigged out, drank a beer and went to bed.”

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