Richie Koh strips down for horror flick ’23:59: The Haunting Hour’

The 25-year-old opened up about doing bed scenes and filming in his tighty-whities in 2359: The Haunting Hour

Richie Koh strips down for horror flick ’23:59: The Haunting Hour’

Richie Koh has been a very busy bee recently – after wrapping up filming on Channel 8 drama 118 Reunion earlier this year, he’s worked on two Toggle Originals, Divided and The Distance Between. Despite his hectic schedule, he’s been able to squeeze in a trip to Beijing (more on that later), as well as promotions for his latest movie, 2359: The Haunting Hour.

A week before the movie’s premiere, Toggle sat down with the 25-year-old for a quick catchup session, where he talked about stripping down for the first scene he filmed after he got off the plane and his plans for the rest of the year and beyond. He also hinted at the possibility of venturing into unchartered territory: a career in China.

Before we got all wrapped up with his future adventures, we rewound the interview back to last year, shortly after he finished filming his debut drama, Channel 8’s When Duty Calls. After he finished work on that, he successfully auditioned for a role in 2359: The Haunting Hour and jetted to Kuala Lumpur for nine days to film.

“The director mentioned that there would be a scene where I had to be clothed in nothing but my underwear. At the time, I just finished my National Service so my physique was pretty okay, so I thought that it wouldn’t be too much of an issue,” Richie explained. “So I got on the flight, and I brought along some weights so I could get my body a bit more in shape before I had to film that scene.”

Richie Koh strips down for horror flick ’23:59: The Haunting Hour’
Natalia Ng and Richie Koh in 23:59: The Haunting Hour

Unknown to Richie, after he got off the plane, he was whisked to the filming location, where he was told that the scene would be filmed that very day. “I was still carrying my weights at the filming location, and when they told me, they handed me that piece of underwear. They said that it was what NSFs wore at the time, so I went and got changed,” he said.

His surprise didn’t end there, however, as not only did he had to strip down to his tighty whities, he also had to film a steamy kiss scene with actress Natalia Ng on that day too.

“I didn’t know her at all and we didn’t get to talk much, they just told us that we had to film that kiss scene,” Richie chuckled. “Plus, she had a full face of makeup on because her role is a snake spirit, so I couldn’t really tell who it was behind the makeup.”

The actor continued that he had no issues with filming the scene even before warming up to his female co-star and tried to make her feel as comfortable while maintaining his professionalism during the shoot.

He explained, “When actors film intimate scenes, I feel that the female is more on the losing end. She was very professional about it, but I made sure that she would feel comfortable while we were filming. Thankfully, it wasn’t awkward at all!”

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