Rocket Award winner Julie Tan tells doubters: “I’ve made it”

The actress thanked her boyfriend for being understanding about her busy work schedule

Rocket Award winner Julie Tan tells doubters: “I’ve made it”

Photos: Lee Lay Na, Toggle

When Julie Tan was named as the Rocket Award champion at Star Awards 2016 Part 1, no one had a more shocked expression than the actress herself, who is currently the youngest winner in this category since it was inducted in 2010. The award is given in honour of an artiste who has made the most improvement over the past year.

The 23-year-old continued to look visibly overwhelmed as she accepted her trophy on stage, even appearing on the verge of tears at one point while delivering a message to the people who doubted her acting ambitions in the past, “I’ve made it.”

When asked to elaborate on these naysayers in an interview backstage, Julie said, “In school, whenever I said I wanted to be an actress, I would be told not to daydream and to be more realistic, to focus on getting good results and getting into a good university. However, I want to say (to those who like me), ‘You can do it, don’t feel alone, and chase your dreams without limits.’”

Despite mentioning many people on stage and backstage, Julie did not say a word about her boyfriend until we brought him up, after which she laughed and said, “I want to thank him for being very understanding of my busyness. It’s a tough industry to be in because of our irregular work hours, so I’m thankful that he’s understanding.”

Now that she’s a Rocket Award recipient, does Julie feel any pressure for the future? “I’m quite harsh on myself, so I give myself the biggest pressure,” she said. “I’ve always worked hard, and I won’t work hard just because of this award. I believe (my acting journey) is like a marathon, and I have to continuously improve myself.”

Besides the Rocket Award, Julie also took home her second Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste trophy. However, she isn’t letting the double victory get her hopes up to bag Best Supporting Actress at Part 2 next Sunday.

“I think the other contenders (Carrie Wong, Sheila Sim, Paige Chua and Bonnie Loo) are very strong, so whoever wins would be great,” she said.

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