Romance is blossoming between Julie Tan and Allen Chen?

The MediaCorp actress does not want to rule out any possibilities

Jin Yin Ji, Allen Chen, Julie Tan and Carrie Wong at Julie's 22nd birthday party in September

As colleagues working in the same compound, it’s the norm to spot artistes queueing up for food at the canteen or hanging around the campus on a regular basis. So what are the chances of bumping into MediaCorp actress Julie Tan and Taiwanese model-turned-actor Allen Chen together twice in a month?

Last month, a xinmsn reporter happened to be onboard the same flight as Allen, only to spot Julie waiting for a “friend” at Changi Airport at the arrival gates. One week later, the same reporter ran into the pair – again – but at the cinemas this time.

Something’s brewing for sure, we thought, and we tried to reach both parties for a confirmation afterwards. However, Allen was not available for an interview due to a busy filming schedule, according to his management agency, Catwalk Asia, whereas Julie declined to comment on the topic.

As fate would have it, last Friday (Dec 12), Julie showed up for an imaging session for Ch8’s blockbuster series The Journey: Our Homeland along with her co-stars Jeffrey Xu and Romeo Tan.

Jeffrey Xu, Julie Tan and Romeo Tan.
When asked to clarify her relationship status with Allen, the 22-year-old maintained a “we are just friends” stance, emphasising that it is normal for a girl to go out with a male friend. “I went for movies with Xavier Ong and we appeared in the papers because of that! I hang out with Shane Pow alone too, sometimes,” Julie shared.

As someone who appreciates one-on-one time with her friends, the actress believes that such outings are when two people can truly connect and learn more about each other.
As an up-and-rising starlet, is she not concerned about getting recognised on the streets?

“Well, we were spotted by you! I’m okay about it as we are just friends hanging out together. I wouldn’t stop meeting people just because I have added identity as an actress,” Julie reiterated. “When you saw us the other day, we were dressed normally too. We didn’t specially disguise ourselves.”

According to the actress, Julie first met Allen when she visited Xu Bin on a filming set, adding that they occasionally hung out as a group. Apparently, Allen has also interacted with Julie’s mum during her 22nd birthday party in September.

Julie Tan tried a 70s 'do at the imaging session of The Journey: Our Homeland.
Julie: The world is full of possibilities

“The concept of dating in the West is that you meet up with people for meals and movies to get to know more about the other party. To me, the world is full of possibilities and anything is possible,” Julie pointed out.

“There are no absolutes when it comes to matters of the heart. I would let nature run its course. Whether love comes my way or not, so be it. I wouldn’t rule out any possibility or force things to happen.”

Four months after parting ways with her ex-boyfriend, the starlet now hopes to explore her options without setting any restrictions. In fact, Julie was so deeply affected by the failed relationship that she wallowed in unhappiness for a month before she moved on, thanks to encouragement from her family and friends.

“I wasted too much time on a single person [in the past]. My life basically revolved around him. I’m 22 now and I will turn 30 in eight years. If I don’t work hard for my career now, I would regret it in the future!” she exclaimed.

During the interview, we couldn’t help noticing Julie’s compliments about Allen – “He has a very good personality. He’s a nice guy!”

Nevertheless, the chirpy actress refused to make comparisons between her ex-beau and Allen. “There’s nothing between us yet, so I don’t want to frighten anyone away,” Julie asserted, while giving her word that she would announce it if she does get attached.

Learning independence at 22
Unbeknownst to many, Julie moved out of her family house to live on her own two months ago.

“My mum said that it was time for me to be independent. I spent quite some time looking for a unit,” she revealed. “I’m now residing in a one-room apartment. I have a good friend who shuttles between Taiwan and Singapore. She would stay with me when she’s in town.”

While sharing about her newfound autonomy, Julie recalled how her mother was so impressed about her washing the dishes, when the latter came over for a visit. For someone who is capable of cooking herself a nice meal, the actress has no problems living alone for now.

After wrapping filming for Ch8’s upcoming drama Tiger Mummy, Julie will begin work for The Journey: Our Homeland where she plays a tomboyish character named Yao Jia Hui.
Earlier this year, the ambitious thespian participated in a movie called Mystery that has recently opened in Chinese cinemas. If things fall into place, Julie will be heading to Beijing again for new projects next year.

This interview is translated by Dang Hui Ling.

The Journey: Our Homeland debuts 6 July 2015 on weekdays at 9pm on Channel 8.

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