Rui En involved in investigation for car accident

The actress is alleged to have hit a parked motorcycle

Rui En
Photo: The Celebrity Agency

Rui En is believed to be involved in an investigation where she allegedly caused a vehicle accident.

According to reports, the popular actress, who reportedly smelled of alcohol, ran into a parked motorcycle in a Clementi car park.

A witness states that at about 4.10 pm yesterday afternoon (April 12), a black BMW knocked down a yellow motorcycle belonging to a 52-year-old Malay man at Block 332, Clementi Ave 2, and that the owner of the black BMW was Rui En.

According to reports, she was confronted by the owner of the bike and said, “Do you know who I am?” She then tried to reach a settlement with the motorcyclist in private by offering $2,000 in compensation, but she was rejected.

Police arrived at the scene soon after and Rui En took a breath test before being taken to the station for questioning.

According to reports, the police did not name names, but they did confirm that a 35-year-old female driver is assisting in investigations.

When Channel 8 News reached out to Rui En's close friend, Love 97.2FM DJ Dennis Chew, for a comment, he said that he did not know that she was involved in an accident, and when he found out, he anxiously asked if she was all right. He added that he has not been in contact with Rui En since yesterday afternoon, after the accident was reported to have taken place.

Rui En’s manager could not be reached for comment at press time.

UPDATE: Toggle received an official statement from Rui En's manager via e-mail at 6.15pm explaining the situation.

The press release confirms that Rui En was driving into the car park at her block at about 4.10pm yesterday (April 12) when, due to a misjudgement, she accidentally knocked over a stationary motorcycle. Then, to avoid any congestion from oncoming traffic, she wanted to park her vehicle before addressing the situation but was stopped by the owner.

It adds that no one else was hit or involved in the incident.

"The car park is where she parks her vehicle everyday over many years and she had no intentions of ignoring or even running away from her responsibility. Understandably, the owner of the motorcycle was upset and unfortunately, her intentions to position her vehicle in a safe area were mistaken. The owner was very angry and reported the incident to the police. As with most reported cases, the police will look into the matter and revert on upon their investigation. We sincerely apologise for any inconveniences caused, (sic)" reads the rest of the media statement.

UPDATE (April 14): A report has surfaced claiming that this car accident is actually Rui En's second this year, with the first occurring earlier this year when she allegedly hit another car and drove away. The report goes on to say that the owner had shared her licence plate number online to try and seek her out. Rui En eventually contacted the owner of the hit car and the case was resolved with a private settlement.

When we reached out to Rui En's manager for a comment, we were told that it was "a misunderstanding" and that it was "not a hit-and-run". The manager declined to reveal further details, such as the amount of the settlement, as everything is "already resolved".

While we have yet to receive a confirmation, Rui En's manager stated that the actress will "most probably" be attending this year's Star Awards ceremonies on April 17 and 24.

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