Ruivin collaboration in the pipeline: Elvin Ng

Fans who hope to see the pair star opposite each other in a project are in luck


Photos: Camelia Ting
Video: Tan Shiqi and Tay Yixuan

It has been three years since Elvin Ng and Rui En was last cast as a couple in a Channel 8 production, with Unriddle 2 being their last project together. There was talk of a reunion this year when he was slated to pair up with the actress in upcoming drama If Only I Could… and fans had their hopes dashed after the couple swapped partners (Rui En was paired with Andie Chen while Elvin was paired with Paige Chua).

But every cloud has a silver lining and after expressing keen interest to work with the actress again for years (three years, in fact), the actor will finally get his wish granted today (Mar 18).

During the imaging session for C.L.I.F. 4 yesterday, Elvin revealed that that there will be a mini ‘Ruivin’ reunion happening soon. Rui En could not be reached for comment because something cropped up at home that required her immediate attention and she had to reschedule her imaging session at the very last minute.

“We will be working on something related to ‘Ruivin’ tomorrow. Since we can’t do a drama together, we were approached by L'Oréal to do a commercial together as Rui En is an ambassador with them for the past few years,” he explained.

The reason behind their reunion will probably have fans giggling away too.

Rui En and Elvin at Star Awards last year. (Photo: Elvin via Instagram)

“They thought we had really good chemistry, especially after they saw how I teased and disturbed her [at Star Awards] last year and how she’d roll her eyes back at me. They like the chemistry and fun vibes we give off,” he chuckled.

Unfortunately, that’s about all the ‘Ruivin’ fans are going to see this year. The pair will have close to no scenes together in C.L.I.F. 4 since they are in different divisions -- Rui En will reprise her role as INSP Huang Zhijie in the CID team while Elvin’s character will return to work at the Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC).

Spotted in a recently refreshed attire for neighbourhood police officers (white polo t-shirts and navy Bermuda shorts) at the imaging session, Elvin joked about feeling a little “bare” with his legs exposed.

“I think the shorts are a bit sexy since it shows my leg hair too (laughs). But I won’t be doing anything about the leg hair," he cheekily quipped, "I prefer to be all natural."

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