SA2016: New nominees survive first week of Top 20 voting

Who’s in and who’s out of this week’s Top 20 Most Popular Artistes combined results update


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Fans of Aloysius Pang, Jeffrey Xu, Sheila Sim and Jesseca Liu have spoken loud and clear with their voting efforts – both online and telepoll voting – over the past four days: they want their idols to go home triumphant with the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artiste award at this year’s Star Awards 2016.

Despite being new faces to the popularity polls, Aloysius and Jeffrey have made it into this week’s top 10 standing in the popularity polls (results are as of Monday, 2 pm.) and they are joined by hunkle Zheng Geping, who missed out on a top 10 award last year.

The remaining seven spots on the list this week are filled by artistes who have picked up a top 10 trophy last year, in no order of ranking, Elvin Ng, Lee Teng, Pornsak, Romeo Tan, Shane Pow, Shaun Chen and Xu Bin.

Over to the female nominees, Sheila is joined by comeback gals Jesseca and Ya Hui whose last Top 10 wins took place five and two years ago respectively.

The remaining seven spots on this week’s Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes update are similarly filled by last year’s winners, in no order of ranking, Carrie Wong, Felicia Chin, Joanne Peh, Julie Tan, Kym Ng, Paige Chua and Rebecca Lim.


Noticeably missing from this week’s voting results are past years’ winners Quan Yi Fong and Belinda Lee and fans of the two established hosts will need to step up their voting game if they wish to see Yi Fong ascend to the ranks of All-Time Favourite Artiste and Belinda go home with her 5th Top 10 win this year.

For ardent supporters of those who did not make it, there’s still time to make a difference in the final outcome with the Star Awards ceremonies (Part 1 and Part 2) happening only in six and seven weeks’ time.  Fans of those who made it in this week’s Top 10 list, don’t forget to keep voting because you never know when your favourites might get overtaken.

To sum it up in the famous words of Heidi Klum: As you know in fashion (or show business, in this case), one day you’re in, the next day you’re out. Good luck!

Telepoll hotlines and online voting for the Star Awards 2016 Top 20 Most Popular Artistes are now open until April 17, 8.30pm (for female artistes) and April 24, 8.30pm (for male artistes).

Visit the official Star Awards 2016 microsite for the full nomination list and more information.

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