Same old, brand new Rebecca Lim & Romeo Tan in Our Homeland

The double Rs may be playing lovers again for the final instalment of The Journey: Our Homeland, but their love line is anything but smooth-sailing


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She got on the radar of producers and TV viewers with her breakthrough role as Susie the prostitute in Channel 5 drama Fighting Spiders five years ago, her career picked up and the rest, as they say, is history. After doing a range of goody two-shoes and sweet girl-next-door roles in recent years, Rebecca Lim will be stepping into the shoes of a bar girl called Wan Fei Fei in The Journey: Our Homeland and bid adios to her squeaky-clean image for the final sequel of the SG50 nation-building TV series.

In the drama, Fei Fei is a victim of her impoverished background and has no choice but to work at the nightclub to raise funds for her mother’s medical bills. She may be a factory worker by day and bar girl by night, but she’s someone with a sense of righteousness who has got brains, sass and attitude too, said Becks.

While she did not have to do much prep work, having played an almost similar role previously, the actress admitted that it was still tough and challenging to film intimate scenes which required her to have a lot of body contact with Jin Gui (played by Zhang Wen Xiang). Some of these scenes required the actor to lie on her chest or kiss the nape of her neck too, she recounted.


“Filming went smoothly but when I went home and thought about the scenes I filmed in the day, I felt weird and strange,” she said, cringing slightly at the thought of it during an interview with Toggle, at the drama’s press conference yesterday.

“It made me think – in real life, no girl would want to put herself in this line of job. And I can’t help but feel uneasy all over when I went home [after work].”

According to Becks, her family members will be in for a surprise when they tune in to the drama. “I didn’t tell them [about my role] actually,” she laughed, “I think my parents are okay [with the intimate scenes] but I’m mostly worried about my grandfather’s reaction to it.”

“It so happens that the drama features an era he was part of and he’d have witnessed such events that could be more realistic than what I have portrayed. Maybe he’d tell me I did a bad job in the show,” she deadpanned. 

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