Star Awards 2018’s Top 40 Most Popular Artistes revealed

This year’s Top 40 nominees comprise of Mediacorp artistes as well as those who have worked with Mediacorp on a project basis in the past year

Top 20 Most Popular Female Artiste nominees at the Star Awards 2018 press conference: Sheila Sim, Lin Peifen, Kym Ng, Pan Lingling, Liu Ling Ling, Hong Hui Fang, Felicia Chin, Jin Yin Ji, Bonnie Loo and Ya Hui. 

The Star Awards committee have spoken: they have heard the feedback of industry watchers and audiences, and decided to open up the Top 40 Most Popular Artistes list to include both Mediacorp and project-based artistes this year.

What this means is both Mediacorp artistes as well as those who have worked with Mediacorp on a project basis in the last year are eligible to run for Star Awards 2018’s Top 40 Most Popular Artiste award.

In a move to recognise every artiste’s contribution to local television, these 40 nominees were polled based on their performances on TV over the past year, regardless of contractual status (artistes are eligible as long as they fulfil any of these requirements: they must have played either a lead role in a drama, a lead host in a variety-infotainment show, or a supporting role or assistant host in three eligible programmes or at least 30 episodes out of all eligible programmes).

According to a media release shared by Mediacorp, this list was derived from a poll done with 1,000 people representing a wide demographic across Singapore’s population; the poll was conducted independently by an accredited market research company and will contribute to 50 percent of the final results, together with the other 50 percent which will comprise of the telepoll and online voting.

For the record, there are a total of 26 Mediacorp artistes and 14 project-based artistes in the final list of 40 nominees this year.

New and familiar faces are are in the running for the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artiste awards this year

So don’t be too surprised to see names such as Joanna Dong, Diana Ser and Jack Neo, just to name a few, making the cut as they have respectively hosted Channel 8 or Channel U variety programmes such as Innocence Lost 2, National Flavours and Happy Can Already! 2 and 3. (Fun fact: both Jack and Diana were last nominated in the very same category in 2003 and 2005 respectively.)

A few new additions to this year’s top 40 list include 118 Season 2 cast members Liu Ling Ling and Hayley Woo (she also hosted Channel U’s Take a Break!), as well as The Sheng Siong Show anchor host Dasmond Koh and Wang Wei Liang of Ah Boys to Men fame (in case you’re wondering, he hosted Let’s Go Dating on Channel 8 last year).

But the presence of these new entrants to the list also meant that several Mediacorp artistes who were nominated previously and who have won the award in past years’ Star Awards have been dropped out of the list.

Past years' Top 10 winners who did not make the cut this year

Notable names missing include Jesseca Liu (she has six Top 10 trophies) Jayley Woo (she has two Top 10 trophies), Xu Bin (he has three Top 10 trophies) and Shane Pow (he has three Top 10 trophies). Ian Fang and Jeffrey Xu’s dreams of walking home with the coveted trophy this year are dashed, too, as the both of them failed to make the cut. It is understood that Jesseca was not nominated as she had no Mediacorp productions in 2017, and thus did not meet the qualifying criteria.

With a new game-changing element introduced to the Star Awards this year, winning a Top 10 trophy is no longer a walk in the park. Vivacious host and actress Kym Ng will probably heave a huge sigh of relief if she wins her 10th Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award this year because this means she’ll finally get to “graduate” and have a cushy time with the rest of the All-Time Favourite Artistes.

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