Sylvester Sim’s grandma chided him over his flirting scandal

Singer’s parents told him not to meddle in other people’s business


Photos: Camelia Ting
Video: Vina Chia

It took Sylvester Sim nearly 10 years to return to the music scene with his latest single, ‘A New Hope,’ but what would have been a smashing comeback was overshadowed by the flirting scandal the 2004 Singapore Idol runner-up found himself embroiled in mere days before the track launch on January 19.

The singer, who turned 33 the same day, had been accused of having an affair with a local married singer when their suggestive text message exchange was published online, though he emphasised they were innocent.

The lady, who sang at the Unplugged music lounge where he is an entertainment manager, had been going through some family issues that affected her work performance, and he was merely showing concern, he explained.


Family matters
Nevertheless, Sylvester did receive a tongue-lashing from his grandmother. “So many days have passed and she still won’t let it rest,” he said at the launch event–birthday party held at Zouk. “She told me, ‘I’ve always reminded you to change the way you speak, but you just wouldn’t listen.’” His parents jumped in too, telling him not to be kaypoh and to stay out of other people’s business.

Sylvester said he has always been a charming talker. “Those who know me all know I’m frank and I’m like that to everyone, even guys — that’s why I was once suspected of being gay.”

“I won’t change my personality just because of some incident, but now I’ve learned to be considerate towards others, especially my wife. Some traits are hard to change, but I will try to be careful with what I say.”

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