Sylvester Sim wants to bring local music to Korea

The former ‘Singapore Idol’ runner-up, who is making a comeback after 10 years, still remembers the names of his supporters from all the way back then

Sylvester Sim wants to bring local music to Korea

Photos: Tammi Tan
Video: Tan Shi Qi

Ten whole years after the release of his debut album Take Flight, the very first Singapore Idol runner-up Sylvester Sim is making his long-awaited comeback with a new record.

This exciting news was marked with a performance of two songs and an autograph session at yesterday’s launch of Big Boss Entertainment, a cooperative effort between iGlobal Star and WISE Entertainment that manages artistes from Singapore (including Sylvester), Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Korea.

Despite his long hiatus, the 32-year-old still managed to attract quite a number of excited fans to get his signature and selfies with him on stage at Bugis Plus. Some even presented him with flowers and gifts.

“I can’t say I wasn’t worried that people would have forgotten about me, but I was happy to see quite a few familiar faces from Idol times,” he told Toggle in an interview, wearing dark shades to conceal his tired eyes as a result of being sick from the haze. “And the best thing is that I don’t just remember their faces, but also their names.”

Sylvester Sim wants to bring local music to Korea

The outcome of the fan sign, which he described as “not bad”, gave Sylvester confidence that he will have support for his upcoming activities. While details are still scarce, he told us that he plans to drop his second album before his birthday on January 19 next year, and that he wants to do it in “a different and special way”.

“It won’t be a CD because hardly anybody listens to them these days.” His standards are also a lot higher than before, especially given the fact that this is an important comeback instead of a rookie’s debut. “If I don’t feel like a song is good enough, I won’t release it,” he said. “They have to be better than my previous songs.”

When asked whom he’s interested to collaborate with, Sylvester didn’t list out a star-studded concoction of the industry’s top names. Instead, he expressed his intentions to work with young unknowns as an effort to give them a boost in their own careers.

“There’s no point in getting someone famous because I don’t want to ride on (someone else’s success). I hope to be the one bringing young people up instead,” he explained.

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