That one time Elvin Ng turned into a K-drama ‘fangirl’

For work’s sake: The actor watched his first Korean drama series, You Who Came From The Stars, and tells us about his poor luck with money


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“I finally understand why people are so into Korean dramas,” quipped Elvin Ng, “I think its plus points are the men are handsome – even if they are less expressive (chuckles) and the girls are cute and a little silly. Their love stories and chemistry are well-developed too.”

The actor was compelled to watch his first and only Korean drama, You Who Came From The Stars, to prepare for his role in Channel 8 drama Sealed With A Kiss (SWAK). And he eventually got “hooked” and was even “fangirl-ing” the characters - a surprising confession we never thought we’d hear from the actor, who despite his sentimental and sensitive front, is not a fan of such dramas.

Playing Zhu Jian Nan, a homebody who avoids human contact because his bad luck would rub off on anyone within a 3-metre radius, Elvin shared that his character is a recluse and K-drama fan who enjoys imagining himself in the shoes of the male leads (like Do Min Joon from aforementioned K-drama).


“That is he relies on his fantasies, especially after he meets his goddess (Du Jun Ning played by Rebecca Lim) because he has no chance to fall in love or date because of his bad luck,” he chuckled, in an interview with Toggle at the drama’s press conference on Tuesday.

These fantasies are based on parodies of a few iconic scenes in You Who Came From The Stars and both Elvin and Becks were even outfitted to resemble the characters (Professor Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi) – from his wig to their fashionable ‘winter’ wardrobes.

One such scene required our male lead to stop a moving vehicle from crashing into the love of his life with his superpowers while dramatically saving said damsel with a grand dash. Sounds romantic, but not when you have to twirl non-stop for about 12 times (he’s referring to Becks) and be decked out in winter coats while filming on the streets of hot and humid Singapore, said Elvin.

“Coincidentally Rebecca got bitten by a mosquito and her eyelid was a bit swollen too. But I still had to pull her in and pretend I’m about to plant a kiss on her lips. It was really more comedic than anything else.

“And I was actually hoping we’d get to film the scene where I stop time and everyone around me freezes!” the fangirl in him let on.

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