That one time… Paige Chua was obsessed with The Twilight Saga

The lanky actress opens up about her infatuation with the young adult series on vampires and werewolves

The lanky actress opens up about her infatuation with the YA series on vampires and werewolves

Photos: Louis Teo & Channel 8
Video: Tay Yi Xuan

Twihards (name of Twilight fans) around the world weren’t the only ones gutted when the book-to-movie series aired its final installment two years ago. Local actress Paige Chua was left equally devastated when the story came to the end, after watching Breaking Dawn 2, she said.

“I actually felt empty after watching the movie and I don’t know what I should watch next after spending so many years watching the movies. I was left emotionally paralysed for a few days after the final movie and I started wondering ‘how their (the characters) lives are like now, are they happy now?’” said Paige, during her interview with xinmsn for her upcoming Channel 8 drama, Good Luck.

In case you’re wondering what has Paige’s new drama project got to do with vampires and werewolves – they’re not related at all, thankfully. In fact, the discussion about her infatuation with movie characters was brought up when Paige compared herself to her drama character, Fang Enqi. 

An optimistic and hardworking single mum, Enqi isn’t afraid of taking the initiative or making the first move in her relationship with Lin Shijun (Zhang Zhenhuan), unlike Paige, who admits it is “harder” for her to develop feelings for someone in real life. 

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, “Maybe I’m someone with high expectations, an idealist or a perfectionist. But I share a buddy-like relationship with the guys most of the time. The ones I’m really infatuated with are movie characters like Edward in Twilight or Jack in Titanic.”

Zhang Zhen Huan and Paige in Channel 8 drama Good Luck

“I don’t have a crush on Edward but on the whole movie, and the fact that they are vampires and love is forever for them. That is ideal,” she drawled on.

While she finds these dreamy characters “perfect,” the modelesque actress, who has been in a stable relationship for the past 12 years, acknowledged that these characters are just as “unrealistic” in real life too. 

“But humans are allowed to fantasise right?” she laughingly countered, “So I’ll leave that to my imagination!”

Dressed simply - in character – in a striped top, capri pants and loafers, Paige often broke into peals of uncontrollable giggles and guffaws during the interview on Tuesday. The drama’s positive and festive vibes seem to have rubbed off on the actress in a good way as she shared a different side of herself.

Despite being labelled as ‘Guan Yin Ma’ (the Goddess of Mercy) by co-stars, Paige professed to be “a total romantic at heart.” The 33-year-old also spoke about her dream wedding too – although she says there are no plans to tie the knot or settle down just yet.

Drawing references from the Twilight forest wedding in the movie, Paige shared that she’d like to have a garden wedding since it’d be impossible to hold one in the forest in Singapore.

“Maybe at Gardens by the Bay?” she jokingly suggested, before chortling at the absurdity of it, “But we’d need to build a set (like in dramas) for the wedding!”

As a girl who’s very “into words” and who is easily touched by “pretty sentences,” poetry and love notes are one of the many ways to win her heart. When we asked if her beau has ever penned her such notes, Paige’s unexpected reply threw us off. 

“No, not at all,” she chortled, throwing her head back in laughter, “[I guess] this is what it’s like when you’re not married yet,”

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